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Welcome, I am excited and thrilled that you have arrived!

DR. KEVIN GYURINADoctor of Chiropractic, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Master

I know you want to improve the quality of your life.
That’s why you’re here.

Sometimes just having the vision is not enough, and benefiting from a guide or mentor helps catapult you to the next level. The services I provide assist you in rediscovering and expressing the amazing natural power already within you. When this happens, you experience a positive and sometimes miraculous change in your life.

Why would you want that?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, perhaps plateaued or you just need some guidance.

Tell me your story and we will take the next step… Contact me for a time of learning and positive growth for the good of yourself, your loved ones and those you interact with every day.

With Divine Love and Light

Dr. Kevin

What’s On My Mind

Insights and intuitions to help assist you to expand, experience all the beauty in your life, and raise your consciousness.

Time for Change?

June 12th, 2019|0 Comments

You can not control the rhythm of this clock nor anything outside of you. This clock does not relate to time as you and I know it, it relates to life circumstances, patterns of social construction, patterns of events, emotions, beliefs and states of being. It is literally virtual reality, but not the computerized synthetic kind.

The Story of That Something

November 22nd, 2017|2 Comments

I handed the card to the man in authority. He read it with wandering eyes. Now, Randolph was the silent partner of the business. Impossible coincidence? You may think so. I know men who believe success is impossible. And to them, success is impossible. And so perhaps you believe this impossible. But I tell you it as it happened.