Cancellation Policy

Dear clients,

As part of bringing clarity to the existing scheduling requirements this letter is to inform you of the existing cancellation policy at Harmonious Healings.

____ Once an appointment is scheduled, there is an expectation of payment and attendance. If there is a change needed there is a requirement of 24 hours notice. 

____Due to the limited number of appointments per day this policy is to ensure there is respect of the doctors time as well as other patients desiring the similar times as you.

____In the case that one is arriving late, the session will end as it normally would due to the respect of other clients start times. The total fee will remain the same.

____If you miss a session, without canceling or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you must pay for that session by the time of our next meeting.

____If there are, and we both agree, circumstances beyond your control causing you unable to attend 50% reduction in cancel fees will be applied by the discretion of the staff of Harmonious Healings.

 This policy is intended to relay the critical importance of maintaining integrity of the entire healing process, this policy provides some motivation.