Dr. Kevin Gyurina



My heart lead me to follow opportunities where many would look elsewhere.

The challenges and difficulties I found myself in became the silver lining and the path to greater levels of physical health, fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Gaining in-depth knowledge and ability lead me to heal myself and now the passion to share my amazing experiences and insights with others is my calling.

And as it is said….

“Physician, Heal thy self”

I  had become aware that I have the absolute talent to help others, yet I was ill and had to restore my body, heart and mind first.

I took this seriously …  and I am happy to say because of my struggles I have truly actualized myself!

My personal journey has taken me to various points around the world, and because of these experiences I have developed a unique perspective, as well as a mastery of multiple chiropractic and energy healing modalities, which have led me to create my own unique style.

Wholistic Healing Expertise

  • Chiropractic Physician
    Brain & Spinal Neurology Specialist
    Posture Correction/Bio-mechanics Expert

  • Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner
    Becoming Well
    Thinking Well
    Moving Well
    Eating Well

  • Koren Specific Technique:
    Gentle non-cracking chiropractic
    Instrument Assisted adjustment
    Bio-feedback response testing

  • Advanced Bio-Structural Correction:
    A posture correction method that is the most predictable and reliable system to date

  • Chiropractic:
    Traditional Methods: Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, Toggle, Sacral Occipital Technique, Webster Technique, Chiropractic Bio-Physics

  • Strength & Fitness Expert

    Little league baseball and soccer, High School Football, Track & Field, College Football University of Delaware, Men’s Rugby During Doctorate Program at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Assistant Coach Shawnee HS Football, Cross Fit, Functional Movement Screening – personal experience and formal trainnig.

  • Functional Bio Analysis
    Nutritional method to properly balance brain neurotransmitters, this positively affects the system that coordinates all things in your body.

  • Applied Kinesiology:
    A bio-feedback reflex testing procedure that is used to both identify and assist in the correction of the causes of pain.

  • Neuro-Emotional Technique

    Currently In Certification Process 2021-2022

  • Herbalist:
    Herbalism is the study and application of the therapeutic  benefits of using plants for health care.

Energy Healing Modalities

  • Reiki Master
    Usui Level 1, 2, 3
    Karuna Level 1 &2

  • Quantum Energy Worker

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Re-connective Healing

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Emotion Code

  • Myofasical Release Specialist

  • Native American Healing Modalities

  • Personal & Life Development

  • Pranic Healing, Chakra and Aura clearing, and energetic blueprint encoding


Just writing to let you know I had the BEST sleep last night. Last night was one of my favorite adjustments yet and I left feeling peace. You know when there’s no work to get done, there are no worries in the world, the weather is perfect, and you’re floating in a warm, calm, sea? I felt sort of like that even though I was fully aware there’s work to be done and the weather was rainy. Thank you also for helping me get back to the active lifestyle I value so much without paying the price of pain afterwards. The results of my care with Dr. Kevin are invaluable … I feel great!


I started seeing Dr. Kevin about 7 years after I had lower back surgery. I had days where I couldn’t even move let alone stand up straight or exercise. After seeing Dr. Kevin, I haven’t felt this good in years. I was skeptical about chiropractors and was hesitant to see one. Dr. Kevin got rid of all of my skepticism and I am so glad that I went. I cannot recommend Dr. Kevin enough. He has not only relieved me of my back pain but since I began my adjustments I have also not had a migraine. Do yourself a favor and go meet with Dr. Kevin. You will be glad you did!

My 7-year-old son was suffering with fluid trapped behind his eardrum for about 4 or 5 months and nothing was able to clear the fluid. We tried everything the pediatrician recommended, even antibiotics. We were told the next time that this happened he would need surgery. After 3 adjustments the fluid was gone! The pediatrician said it was a miracle. I am so thankful!