Human Health Policy

To attend live healing, group, training, or workshop sessions in person the following is a requirement:

Be free to breath:

If you bring a mask you will be asked to remove it. The evidence is clear that in regards to human health , the mask is harming you by limiting oxygen, inhaling toxins, re-breathing your own waste and bringing unnecessary toxins into the environment due to the build up on the mask material

Be pure-blood:

If you have received an injectable that is a genetic modification biological experiment called COVID vaccination or flu vaccine since 2020 you are not permitted to be present in person during any sessions. There is strong evidence supporting that you are now producing a protein and emitting nano-technology that has recently been identified as harmful to human life. Want references and details? Please send inquiry to, thank you for the consideration.



These policies are enacted to preserve, to the greatest extent possible, the genetic integrity of the Doctor as well as all those that interact during a session, classes & workshops.