Success Stories

More Than Just a Chiropractor

Great and thorough practitioner, more than just a chiropractor! only wish I had the time to get in more often to see him!

Stephanie Iannarone

Miracle Hands

In 2 visits, my condition had improved greatly. I can confidently say that Dr. Gyurina has miracle hands.

Katherine Lopez

I’d Never Consider Anyone Else

I’ve been going to Dr. Kevin for chiropractic care for a few years. He cares so much about helping the entire person, mind, body and spirit. As a marathoner and crossfitter who has scoliosis, I put extreme stress on my body. I couldn’t do all the things I love without Dr. Kevin.

Georgiana Hernandez

Highly Recommended

Dr. Kevin gave me the best adjustment of my life. So I highly recommend him.

Brian McKay

Caring and Knowledgeable

Dr. Kevin has helped me tremendously with chiropractic care and nutrition. I highly recommend his services. He is professional, caring and knowledgeable.

Ryan Pyles

He Is A True Blessing

My Higher Self asked me to go to Dr. Kevin and he would know what to do. Sure enough, after Dr. Kevin did his healing, intuitive work I burst into tears. I was letting go of my anger at the Catholic Church for all the false beliefs I took on. Each time I visit him, he is a true blessing!

Katherine Nuyens

Dr. Gyurina is Awesome

I was referred to him through a friend who had great results and spoke highly of his caring, sincere, and unique approach using quantum healing and vast knowledge of how are minds and bodies are so closely connected. I loved my first session. Dr. Gyurina was very thorough, asked me questions, explained many of the reasons we suffer with painful conditions, and how his treatment method has successfully helped so many who come to him. After a few sessions, my posture alignment was so much better, and the pain in my shoulder gone! Can’t thank you enough Dr. Gyurina!

Irene Ferry

More Than Chiropractic

I have cervical dystonia and I was searching for holistic methods to help me with this disorder. I found a YouTube video of someone with this disorder talking about Advanced Biostructural Correct (ABC). I googled practitioners and found Dr. Gyurina. This technique, paired with his multiple energy healing methods, have been a HUGE proponent in not just healing this condition, but so much in my life has been improved by his treatment! I couldn’t recommend him more, he has been a life saver.

Shelly McIntosh

Incredibly Gifted Doctor

Dr. Kevin is an incredibly gifted doctor and healer. His demeanor creates an environment of openness, healing, and care. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking full body, mind, and spirit healing, as they are all connected.

Jenny Florinicia

Chiropractic At It’s Best

Dr Kevin is compassionate, smart, and on the cutting edge of his profession. Also, his energy work is on point with our much needed emotional /psychological releases in order to move forward on our journey.

Audrey Hannum

We Would Not Go Anywhere Else

We have been seeing Dr. Kevin for two years we would not go to everyone else. He is wonderful person and really cares about his patients. Dr. Kevin is the best chiropractor we have ever gone to. He is very caring gentle and very knowledgeable.

Dan Penney

Life Changing Experience

I was involved in an accident 2/2017 and was left with significant deficits with cognition, pain, muscle weakness and loss of range of motion. I chose to go to Dr. Kevin because I knew my accident was not just a fluke – it was something bigger, something that happened because it needed to happen. I was blessed to be able to see Dr. Kevin for one year and during that time, we were able to uncover what the underlying issues were. From these discoveries, we were able to improve my overall cognitive function, pain and strength. He embodies the true definition of a holistic practitioner – he incorporated all aspects of my life and never discounted everything I said or felt. In fact, he encouraged me to trust my gut and my feelings which helped me build my confidence in myself again. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Dr. Kevin as he helped me through the healing process, body mind and spirit.

Amanda DiGiovanni

Genius Care

If you’re as fortunate as myself and find your way to experiencing and allowing the genius care of Dr. Gyurina, you are, as I myself truly are blessed! I could write pages about how much he’s helped my all-around physical health and mental growth. If you trust, listen and allow this gifted Doctor to help you, your life truly will transform! A rare, local hidden find!!!

Lorraine Levis

Wow, Spot On

Wow I just have to say that when you stated that my ankle/foot was the problem I was skeptical but it was spot on! As soon as I rotated my foot I could feel the shooting pain and now the more I am stretching and rotating my ankle the stress, tension and pressure in my back is releasing and the YouTube videos you told me to watch on the root chakra healing are perfect! Thank you for claiming & sharing your gifts as a healer! I appreciate your support very much!


The Best Results

I suffered from two bad knees, low back pain, and repetitive strain syndrome in both arms all for several years. You name it I tried it: postural training, acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy, pain management, and even yoga. None of them significantly lowered my pain; I had the best results with Dr Kevin and chiropractic.


The Pediatrician Said it Was a Miracle

My 7-year-old son was suffering with fluid trapped behind his eardrum for about 4 or 5 months and nothing was able to clear the fluid. We tried everything the pediatrician recommended, even antibiotics. We were told the next time that this happened he would need surgery. After 3 adjustments the fluid was gone! The pediatrician said it was a miracle. I am so thankful!


Great Improvement

I had several pains in the middle of my back and neck area. I also have restless leg syndrome (RLS). I had suffered from these problems for at least 15 years. Now I am able to have a full night’s sleep without leg problems, my middle back and neck have also improved greatly!


I Haven’t Felt This Good In Years

I started seeing Dr. Kevin about 7 years after I had lower back surgery. I had days where I couldn’t even move let alone stand up straight or exercise. After seeing Dr. Kevin, I haven’t felt this good in years. I was skeptical about chiropractors and was hesitant to see one. Dr. Kevin got rid of all of my skepticism and I am so glad that I went. I cannot recommend Dr. Kevin enough. He has not only relieved me of my back pain but since I began my adjustments I have also not had a migraine. Do yourself a favor and go meet with Dr. Kevin. You will be glad you did!

You’re The Best

Last Monday I went in to see Dr. G. for an emergency adjustment! I pulled something in my lower back and could hardly stand-up straight. I was also expected to travel a 2-1/2 hour car ride to take care of my mother immediately after my chiropractic appointment. I was in pain and couldn’t figure out how I would be able to do what I was supposed to do later in that day, take care of my mother. Well, needless to say, Dr. G. took extra time with me and was doing all that he could do to send me on my way, with minimal pain and the ability to stand-up. Happy to report, the pain diminished, I made the trip; slept on an ice pack and the next day, I was able to stand-up without any pain. I had to take care of myself through the week, but believe you me … if it had not been for that wonderful adjustment, I would not have been able to do half of what I did accomplish while caring for mom! THANK YOU, Dr. G.! You’re the best!

Donna S.

Life Has Only Gotten Better

Not only can I hear better than ever, I no longer suffer from chronic sinus infections, migraines or insomnia. Life has only gotten better since I first started getting my adjustments.

The Results of My Care with Dr. Kevin Are Invaluable

Just writing to let you know I had the BEST sleep last night. Last night was one of my favorite adjustments yet and I left feeling peace. You know when there’s no work to get done, there are no worries in the world, the weather is perfect, and you’re floating in a warm, calm, sea? I felt sort of like that even though I was fully aware there’s work to be done and the weather was rainy. Thank you also for helping me get back to the active lifestyle I value so much without paying the price of pain afterwards. The results of my care with Dr. Kevin are invaluable … I feel great!


Back to Normal

I was gradually losing the use of my left arm and the ability to turn my head. The pain was extremely bad. I began chiropractic care and two months later I had no neck pain and my arm was back to normal.


Less Pain and More Energy

I’ve had upper and lower back pain for years and over the last year I’ve had numbing and of both hands and severe upper neck pain. I had all but given up, I thought there may be no hope especially after seeing my MRI’s and X-rays. But slowly and surely I started to get feeling back, have less neck pain, and I got more energy to do things around the job and the house.


Best Decision I Ever Made

In one word, I was a mess! I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulders, upper back, and more. Starting chiropractic care was the best decision I ever made.


90 Days and Pain-Free

I had killer back aches throughout my life, but when I was 40 it was a daily occurrence. The first hour of the day I could hardly move. I finally mentioned it to my physician and got a half disgusted reply “So get up an hour earlier.” At 57, I was finally in such bad condition I couldn’t roll over on the massage table. 90 days after beginning chiropractic care I have truly forgotten what it is like to be in pain!


Resolved My Issues

I was experiencing sharp pains and burning sensations under my left shoulder blade which would radiate down my left side. I couldn’t sit or stand without pain. Chiropractic resolved my issues and it can resolve so many others that most people don’t even think of. Be sure to consult a chiropractor before attempting pain medications or surgery.


A Vast Improvement

I have experienced headaches, shoulder pain, mid-back pain, and low back pain for years. I have seen vast improvements in the short time period that I’ve been seeing the doctors. I’ve even referred two of my friends. It really does help!


The Pain Is Gone

After suffering with jaw pain and headaches for a month I went to the dentist for a root canal and discovered the “wrong” tooth hurt. The dentist refused to do a root canal. I was eating Advil like candy, with no relief. I couldn’t think and my work was suffering. After my first adjustment my pain subsided and after a week the pain was gone.


Dr. Kevin Put Me Back Together

Dr. Kevin Gyurina is GREAT! I played contact sports for a number of years and I turn to Dr. Kevin whenever an old injury flares up. Especially my neck and lower back pain. Thank you so much Dr. Kevin for putting me back together!

The Time Was Worth It

I came in for back, knee, and foot pain for the past year. I almost forgot about my headaches because I have been suffering with them for so long. At first I thought I couldn’t commit the time, but very soon my pain started to go away and then I knew, the time was worth it!


Excited to Experience Life Without Medication

I had been on allergy medicine since I was 12 years old and Asthma medicine since I was 18 before I met Dr. Kevin. I have currently been off of all medicine for over a month, even though it’s the beginning of spring, while everything I’m allergic to is blooming. I haven’t had any sneezing, coughing, wheezing, or itching like I would normally experience if I was even an hour late taking my medicine. I am no longer tired 24/7 and definitely have more energy.

I had strep throat 8 times in one year last year. The ENT already signed me up to take my tonsils out surgically. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Kevin for adjustments, I haven’t had my tonsils swell up, not even once! Not only am I able to skip out on the surgery, but I’m no longer experiencing pain or swelling. I also came down with walking pneumonia and even with the prescribed cough syrup, I was still coughing every breath and unable to sleep at all.

I came in for adjustments, completely stopped my antibiotic, the cough syrup, and steroids and was back to normal in 24 hours. It was unbelievable! I’m so excited to experience life without medication dictating my every action.