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Sacred Green Earth – Hosting Dr Kevin Gyurina

Presenting; Decode Your Pain

Learn the foundational ideas of mind over matter and begin to identify the pains and challenges in life as symbols revealing the path to reveal your greatest self. Join us and others like you who are seeking solutions. Dr. Kevin will be sharing selected highlights and open to questions regarding these foundational philosophies contained in this ground breaking book, Decode Your Pain.

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About Decode Your Pain


Learn how to make sense of your symptoms and start living your best life now!

This ground breaking book is for you if:

  • No matter what you’ve tried, your pain always returns
  • You cannot find answers to your health issues
  • The older you get, the more pain you have
  • You wish to be pain free once and for all

Dr. Gyurina reveals the secrets to:

  • How your symptoms holds the keys to more freedom
  • How to make your body tell you what it really needs
  • One simple practice that will change your life forever (pg. 70 Body Breathing Techniques)
  • The little known connection between pain, body parts & emotions
  • Getting rid of your pain once and for all

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