The Nature of Nutrition Today, much of our produce is grown on mineral deficient soil, and food manufacturers refine out most of the remaining nutrients. Various chemicals and preservatives are then added back in. For most, it is impossible to eat as healthy as we should, [...]

Energy Healing


Neuro-Emotional Technique NET is used by to help physical problems that have an associated stress component and it is also often a factor in chronic and hard-to-resolve conditions Each of us has experienced unpleasant events in our lives, and in most cases, we process these experiences [...]

Chiropractic Therapy


What is Wellness Chiropractic? Your body contains an internal wisdom; it has lots of names, though many call this Innate Intelligence. This intelligence understands how to coordinate every aspect and function of your brain and body in relation to your life. Problems develop from physical, mental-emotional [...]

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