Can You Reset Your Brain?

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On average, your brain is having hundred, more like thousands and perhaps millions of thoughts everyday. A significant majority of these patterns of thinking were taught to you, for example the world is half empty or full perspective of life. The Steps The information below is in full from Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz's Four Steps on how to address thinking patterns. This info was particular used for OCD issues, but after reviewing the steps, it's clear [...]

Can You Change From the Inside?

By |2015-12-22T15:33:04-05:00December 22nd, 2015|Wellness| seems as if their brains had rewired themselves in a radical and useful way that had long been thought impossible. You are More than you were Taught to Believe. You see, there will discoveries and break through made as long as there is someone there to make them. The perspective I like to hold is that I am a part of nature, the human being is classified as a mammal. Change is a fact [...]

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