Most of us have had those weird experiences of thinking about someone and then a moment later the phone rings, the text message comes, or you see them randomly later in the day. What is that???

That is called Nonlocal Communication or Quantum Entanglement.

You may have heard of it, you may have not, but researchers around the globe are proving to be a reality.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has this to say:

“Over the past thirty years significant scientific research has been conducted on the potential effectiveness and value of distant healing practices. Reports and studies in this section offer the analysis of leading researchers in the field.

These projects range from double-blind studies on patients in clinical settings to research into essential issues such as whether a person’s focused intention can have a nonlocal effect on another who is at a distance.”

So it’s all fun to read about scientific studies…. not really… lol.. I read them, but if you are like me you love to watch some simple videos that can explain a little bit of the science behind it. Here’s two!!

In Reality, What You Are Seeing Is Just Perception of A Believed Reality

How I have come to understand this phenomena is described beautifully by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I recently listened to a radio interview where he explains an experience  he had with distance healing (start @ 20:10) and a conversation (start @ 15:45) he had with one of his teachers who stated the following.

“That is real which never changes”

What Does That Mean?

Well that means your body is not real, nature is not real, it is only perceived to be so. These things are always in a constant state of change. Consider that the known laws of physics are not real!!! (See my blog article The Scam In Science)

In fact, everything we can experience through our 5 senses is in a constant state of change. There is only one thing that remains constant. That is the eternal essence of the mind. But be cautious!!!

This Eternal Mind Is Not The Ego

The ego changes, constantly. The ego gives us our emotional ups and downs, it is part of providing us with the karma or challenges in life that we are charged with experiencing and understanding. These realizations bring about greater levels of clarity, peace and joy. These higher levels of expression come with practice and persistence of desired experience. There are methods to have this process occur more easily and I know that interests you, so contact me for help. Now that you’ve taken action continue reading for more insights

The Eternal Mind

The eternal mind is Divine Intelligence, some may call it the collective consciousness, the Akashic records or Morphogenic/Morphogenetic field, these are just aspects of Divine Intelligence. We all have a piece of this eternal infinite consciousness. It can be experienced through certain forms of yoga, meditation, healing and at certain times of conscious synchronistic experiences where the events click in your life and you experience God in your waking state.  (I just want to say, when that last one happens… it is pure heaven on earth!!!)

That Drive

A drive for knowledge, for greatness, for whatever is pulling you in you life. This pull, we all have it. We may not know what it is but it the calling you have to express yourself in your artwork, your passion for sport, or motivation to create. It is the desire that some have accepted and allow themselves to travel down that river of life experiencing it as it comes.

Those that deny it, whether due to some form of fear, doubt, or negativity, shut off the connection to source. When that connection closes that is when one may experience greater and greater levels of negative life experiences.

When one becomes aware, or becomes so unsatisfied with life that they finally decide to do something they seek out doctor, psychologist, life coach or simply their closest friend or relative.

Which ever route you seek to attain help you get what they deliver. Depending on the awareness, psychology and training of the professional you get THE PROFESSIONALS PREFERRED MODE of care or treatment. So learn about and understand what you are getting!!!!

What Does Distance Healing Focus On?

Distance healing, from my application, focuses on two things. First, by addressing the energetic blueprint of who you are. What do I mean by energetic blueprint? Think of the plans that a builder uses to construct a house. Change the blueprint, change the structure f the house. Read my post about the energetic blueprint here (keep in mind, my understanding is continuing to evolve!)

In Shamanism, this blueprint is called the Luminous Energy Field (I believed coined by Alberto Villoldo)

Secondly, I address the physical body to shift in relation to the shift in the energetic blueprint. Think, if the plans of the house have change, now we must call the construction workers to do the work, ie move the walls, add a window or whatever else was called for. This is done to any structure in the physical body. Bones, muscles, organs, glands, nerves, brain or any other mechanical aspect of your body.

For some, you are nodding your head in agreement and are desiring to contact me for details regarding how you can have this experience.

Others…well, we can say, may be skeptical, but if you have had some of those weird experiences of thinking about someone and then a moment later the phone rings, the text message comes, or you see them randomly later in the day then you now know that there is something else going on here.

My hope is that you can begin to add questions to your thoughts. Is distance healing possible? What experiences have “I” had that are unexplainable? Do I want to enhance the quality of my life? If you answered yes, then you are wise enough to seek assistance.

We all need support to become something more than we thought possible!!

Keep Seeking,

Dr. Kevin

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