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Warning: There are a few big medical terms. An understanding of these terms is not required and you will get the idea.

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‘Auto-healing, akin to quantum healing, can bring a sick person back to normal. This alone can be called cure’

Each time I went to a certain city to lecture on the futility of interventional coronary revascularisations, one ace interventionalist in that city, who did on an average about 20 angioplasties a day, used to come up and criticise me. But this time, as soon as I finished he raised his hand and wanted 15 minutes to speak. I was looking forward to a big attack, but he came up and first bowed to me, and then said I was always right and he was wrong all along. Then he narrated his story.

He had severe, almost incapacitating, pain on the left side of his chest and left shoulder. It defied all attempts at conventional diagnosis. Every conceivable treatment failed and the pain made him chair-bound. He could not sleep as the pain would increase as he tried to. Even morphine did not help. Moving in the chair became unbearable. His friends told him this could be relieved by surgery at Mayo Clinic. He was getting ready to go in an air ambulance as conventional air-travel was impossible.

His wife, though, was a strong believer in her guru, a divine incarnate. The patient was an atheist as he believed himself to be a “scientist”. Little did he realise that science knows just about 5 per cent of this universe.

He had to go for the blessing. There a miracle happened. The blessing seemed to reduce his discomfort gradually, and in 24 hours he was free from pain. He is back at work, but I think he has reduced his interventional onslaught.

One could always claim that this miracle, if it is one, could not be scientific. Lots of rationalists would not even believe this happened. I cannot fault them either. Everything that happens here has a reason but our reasoning might not be able to unravel many such happenings. In quantum physics they call it “haps”.

Quantum physics, which turned conventional solid state physics upside down, has an important principle, which is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900s they proved this with the double slit experiment. The observer’s awareness determines the behaviour of energy at the quantum level. Recently the experiments of Dean Radin confirmed the double slit experiment results. He has his share of critics.

The mind cannot be confined to the brain. The man who tried to do this was the Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield, with his experiments on the opened-up brains of patients during surgery. Confining the mind to the brain is big business in western modern medicine selling trillions of dollars of mind-modifying medicines called psychotic drugs.

The mind is the canvas on which our thoughts are projected and is a part of our consciousness. Our body is a holographic projection of our consciousness. Therefore, we should have complete control over our bodies if we try and have the genuine intention to heal. Electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times switch to acting like waves (formless energy), depending on what the observer expected was going to happen. “Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did.” Quantum physicists have such difficulties in dealing with, explaining, and defining the quantum world. Are we not the masters of creation as we decide what manifests out of the field of all-possibility and into form?

Just as an atom has the blueprint of a molecule to rebuild it, the human mind has a blueprint of the human body. When the body needs to be rebuilt differently the mind could do that each time we oscillate between energy (formlessness) and particle (it happens innumerable times in a second). We should have total control over what we want with our attention to manifest out of the energy field the next moment. It depends on our belief and feelings to an extent. Even an atheist could do that when he is in trouble as he will hang on to the last straw while drowning. Rock Hudson was caught by the paparazzi sneaking into Lourdes in his final stage of AIDS. They asked him how he, once the president of the American Rationalist Society, could believe Lourdes water could save him. He replied: “When it comes to you, you swallow your scepticism.”

Quantum healing is what happens when your own volition can make it happen during the oscillation between matter and energy to rebuild the damaged part. This needs that level of consciousness when one is very tranquil. This is where meditation and such activities have therapeutic value. Studies have shown mindful meditation can even lengthen the telomeres which otherwise shorten with age. They are shown to even change gene penetrance by altering the environment needed for it. Epigenetics brings evolution closer to human consciousness now that Lamarck’s ideas dominate that field.

One example of ventricular remodelling after a non-fatal heart attack where the lucky patient does not come under the shadow of our interventionalists is this. Unaided by any reductionist chemical the dead heart muscle cell (cell death) in the centre of the infarct (heart attack) gets the help of neighbouring normal cells slipping to occupy the dead cell’s place (cell slipping). When normal cells slip out of their normal place the fibroblasts holding these cells in place get stimulated to produce more fibre (fibroblastic proliferation) thus supplying plenty of strong fibre to rebuild the slipped cells in place. Heart muscle cells far away from the infarct that cannot slip out start to hypertrophy to make the heart muscle wall strong (hypertrophy). Thus, thanks to the autonomic nervous system, our saviour in times of crisis, such patients develop a strong rebuilt heart (remodelling), which does not give rise to ventricular aneurysms, ventricular septal defects and/or malignant arrhythmic foci in the ventricle. Auto-healing, akin to quantum healing, brings one back to normalcy. This alone can be called cure.

We might have to elevate our consciousness (mind) to that level where we get an insight to heal ourselves. Recently, in her book Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert, who showed for the first time that opiate receptors are outside the brain also, predicted that the time is not far when we get a headache we will have to sit in a quiet corner to meditate to elevate our consciousness to get total relief from headache instead of consuming the so-called pain-killer pills.

What we know can be held in the palm of one’s hand while what we do not know comes to the size of the universe. Western reductionist science admits that only 5 per cent of this world’s energy and matter are known to humans. The remaining 95 per cent is occult.

Professor Hegde, a cardiologist and a former Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University, is a Padma Bhushan awardee.

Source: Some thoughts on ‘quantum healing’