Becoming Your Own Healer

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Presented by
Dr Kevin Gyurina, DC, CWWP, RM

chakrasWhat you will learn

  • Why healing yourself is critical in today’s world
  • Why and how it works
  • How to tap into these natural abilities
  • Guided practice to get you started immediately

There are secrets that are contained within your body that are only hidden because you have yet to learn the way to communicate.

Once learned, you are only limited by the quality of questions you can develop.

I will be teaching methods I have come to learn which have helped me on my personal journey as well as allowed me to help others on theirs!

vitruvianPrepare to unlock your potential

June 8th, 2018 & July 6th, 2018
6:30 − 8:00


Pre-registration is requested

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Questions? Contact: Dr Kevin

Come join me and others for a great evening of learning, sharing and healing!

Blessings and Best regards,

Dr Kevin

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