Your Vitamins: Friend or Foe?

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Most of us these days are well aware of the need for a vitamin and mineral supplement.

How do you know which vitamin is the right one for you? With the dozens of vitamin categories and hundreds of companies to choose from the task is a difficult one.

In this workshop you will  learn more about:

  • The problems with the supplement industry
  • What happened to our Produce
  • Anti and negative nutrients
  • Chemicalization of supplements
  • Solutions via dehydrate whole food concentrates
  • How to determine if a supplement is right for you
  • Experience how to determine if your supplements are right for you and if not what vitamins are best?
  • You’re going to learn that many if not most of the vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today may actually be doing more harm than good.

Yes it is true that we need to fill in our nutritional gaps with supplements but in less you are taking the right kind of supplements, you could literally be sucking the life right out of our bodies.

So join us and find out if your vitamins may be your friend or foe?

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TESTED on 1 or 2 supplements you have already purchased online or in person, please bring them in with you and Dr Kevin will perform a few demonstrations during the workshop.

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