Consider the following:

The universe is talking to us all the time. The people around us can be messengers, channels for that Creative Force, which constantly desires to share and assist us on our way. The problem is that usually we have our visors down. We don’t hear, we don’t see. We aren’t open and ready to really listen to what is being communicated to us.

Right In Front Your Nose

Often times the answer you’ve been looking for was their the entire time. This is true from small things as well as big. This idea. fully is parking your thinking as how it applies to your life, but also our nation and our planet!

So What’s The Answer?

Learn to perceive that that the term co-incidence can be one that is defining perfection. Coincidence, or to coincide, has varying definitions based on website you reference. Makes you wonder why that may be, but moving on, check out this definition, Coincide.

Stay Open And Listen Up

So the advise for today and the near future, is to learn to quite the mind. Reach out and learn techniques, methods and solutions to helping you achieve a peaceful mind, which makes everything in life easier, and perhaps…..

You may just get the answers you were looking for.


Dr. Kevin