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Ever Hear The Phrase “You Are What You Eat?”

Well we all know that to be true to a very large degree, but this simple principle applies to other areas of our life. And your body is the ultimate work of art that will demonstrate if you understand and apply this simple principle.

The image below says it all:

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Now Let’s Talk about the Physical Body

If you sit a certain way at work for 4 hours at the computer, if you do the same routine every day, if you bend over the same way because of an ache or pain, if you do anything repeatedly… there is a “response” by the body and brain to perform those tasks and duties with the up most efficiency. (Think home life, personal life, business life, and all the other aspects of who you are)

This “response” is in a harmonious relationship to years of mental and physical habit; injuries, nutritional imbalances, emotional burdens, beliefs, and behaviors as well as other nonphysical forces.

This “response” by the internal intelligence of every person is to keep the body and mind functioning to the best of its ability so the daily tasks can get accomplished. When pain shows up, the body has gone beyond the ability to fully self correct, or even maintain resistance to a breakdown and now harmful change is occurring and the subconscious aspects of whop you are yes screaming at your conscious self for focus and attention to manage this situation. But there’s a catch…

From simple pain to deep diseases, the scenario is all the same. The body is EXPRESSING the issue, the problem is not the expression (aka symptom)… the expression is the crying out for your attention…this expression is just a sign, now check this out…

Most people don’t  know how to ‘read’ the signs…. And that goes for most doctors as well.

What Is Your Paradigm?

The allopathic medical western mindset typically focuses on a limited aspect of the language of the body and completely dismisses and or ignores other aspects.  What I mean is this; the perspective of seeing the body as separate individual parts with limited interaction between systems is short sighted and incomplete. This occurs while ignoring the understandings of the mental, emotional, belief and behavioral roles that our mind has with our body.

The western allopathic mind uses a mechanistic model of the human body and its interactions with the world. Compare that to a vitalistic, wholistic model that sees the human body as one with the environment and there for is harmonious with all the stresses and strains, beliefs and behaviors, action and reactions that are composed of the internal and external environment of the individual.

Your Body Can Talk To You

There is an ever present level of communication going on from the body. If one can learn to read, interrupt and understand some of the fundamental universal principles of life and the expression of symptoms and what they can mean, then this provides the client and doctor with simple methods for help and realization of how to progress their own life forward.

When one can combine the two points of view of eastern and western thinking, a solution becomes simple and beautifully accurate. Understanding can be achieved, but in most cases is solely understood by the individual.

By addressing the aspects of the three causes of dis-ease and dis-function; Thoughts, traumas, and toxins, it is the stressors that go beyond the body’s ability resulting in some form of malfunction or subluxation. (Muscle, joint, ligament, nerves issue) This subluxation is a result of the body’s exhausted ability to adapt, the subluxation (result of being overstressed) this is what is needed to be addressed first and then, once the pattern dissipates and becomes fluid , the identification and removal of the environmental stressor becomes the priority to positive expressing greater health.

When this can be done in a progressive simple manner, the body and mind become more and more able to find peace, joy and happiness on a higher scale. At which point the process of active life creation begins to manifest.

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Taking control of oneself, learning and experience the rhythm of life, becomes a joyous process.

At times we all need assistance and this is where I help.

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Dr Kevin