Have you felt like there have been a lot of personal challenges recently?? I have and so have many others who are on this similar journey.

I’ve heard this a lot….. “I have been trying so hard to let it go” or ” I feel stuck”

And that’s good right now because it’s is perfect.

Why? Well in my opinion we as a whole, as a collective consciousness we are all in this together and there are factors that effect us all.

Collective Consciousness

As this collective, just like the weather, there is an effect on more than just what you can see.

The energies present around the world right now are resulting in a revealing of deep mental/emotional belief’s, issues and limitations. This has been building over the past few months and is getting stronger and deeper.

This really became obvious to me when I was introduced to the topic of Sidereal astrology, and the patterns that I have been feeling and helping other with is exactly what is going on as a collective right now and can be summarized via sidereal astrology.

(Here’s is my favorite Sidereal page, I really enjoy his YouTube channel as well)

It’s a Blessing

The energy of revealing deep difficult concerns has been ripe and we are feeling it, and all of us differently. The opportunity is a blessing although can very difficult to experience right now.

I myself was in a place of big anger recently and i knew I needed to just experience it and allow the wave of emotion to come and go, but it just felt like the wave just got bigger and bigger verses passing as it usually does for me.

So i reached out, I asked for help from people I trust. Once we chatted and I began to regain myself they said the same thing, that many are experiencing the deep emotional challenge.

This challenge may be minor in your life, but it is reflecting a belief or perception that you have held onto for a long time, perhaps from childhood as I am seeing.

So you are being called to evaluate yourself, you are being called to upgrade your habits and actions to be more congruent with the life you envision. You are being called to take action so that you can be more of your true self.

Now is a time,  where doing the work now; contemplating, sitting in silence and adopting new perspectives of yourself advances you up the mountain, or as I like to call level up.

If you have prepared yourself, have learned to know when you are feeling emotionally strong, have surrounded yourself with people that you can share with or are simply reading lots of energetic and emotional healing content on line, now is the time to understand what you are feeling is perfectly normal and it is exactly right on time and you are learning.

If you haven’t. now is the time for action

The secret is to let it role. Watch your own actions and reactions. Note which ones you want to be different or better in which ever way is for you, then be mindful of your emotions and feelings around it.

When you are contemplating each feeling, try to make it feel a little bit better, then a little bit more by raising the vibration, this means feel better by shifting your perception of the event. If you are having difficulty of changing this ask for it.  By asking for new perspectives, opinions or new information your brain will go on the hunt to search for this.

Road to Enlightenment

When you can do this you are feeling good, abundant and positive… or you are at least moving in the right direction. This is the road to enlightenment. It was never going to be full of ease and simplicity. Although it can get there. We have some obstacles to over come, some are difficult some are easy, but they all are a blessing.

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With Love and Light