Tune Your Vibration

Today’s post is from an email conversation I recently had. This series of emails was discussing relationships, love, and why we have the experiences we have… specifically the negative ones!

Through my own personal experiences I have come to realize we essentially want the same things in life. Giving and receiving love, happiness, peace, prosperity and health. But we are all at different stages of the ‘game’ of life.

When it comes to intimate partner relationships there can be a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, just consider some of the following words that came to mind: love, dating, break ups, heart ache, rebounding, meeting new people, truths, lies, misunderstandings, miscommunication and all while defining what we must have, need and desire in a partner.

Regardless of the circumstance and where you are presently, Be confident!

There is purpose, meaning, and personal growth available to bring about greater levels of satisfaction and happiness in life and in love.

You may want to read the email below a few times and leave any thoughts and comments. Many people struggle with relationships in their lives and this email and any comments have great potential for help.

Relationships & Romance

Yes it is complex when we attempt to define all the aspects of who we are and what is occurring in our lives while attempting to relate it all together.

But in the end it is simple.

Energy. Vibration. The tone of the frequency of what we are emitting.

Accepting the responsibility of seeing oneself, all the perceived positives and negatives.

Seeing ones actions, perceptions and experiences as who you are, the embodiment of an aspect of God/source/oneness in this world, currently.

And if the experiences are other than what you want … you then have the opportunity to dive into the feelings of the undesired experience, then accept it as part of you, know that it is a gift provided to you to have the opportunity for realization.

Realizing that all the occurrences in your life, past and present, are aspects of your now… and connecting the emotions, beliefs and experiences to bring about recognition of your own role, where you learned to behave and believe in those manners, accepting that everything has connection and then begin to release.

During the process of release change occurs but you must trust it, step forward into the new horizon. You felt the call, you felt the pull, you made the choice that you deserve and are worth more than what you recently believed.  What you are doing is focusing and opening your love of self, a compassionate love. Allow it to rise within and embrace it and yourself.

What you truly want in life, as you are now able to see a higher/broader/expansive perspectives of yourself and others, is much more easily identified and then experienced/manifested.

This realization and shift is moving you more & more towards a life that truly satisfies the heart. When one can identify the self with complete openness, then releasing the old, with faith, becomes more simple.

Faith because the realization that all that you desire to create in your life is available and waiting, everything has always been present and is simply waiting for you to be aligned.

Create it, attract it, allow it. What ever that desire may be.

We are all learning to identify, release and allow.


Dr Kevin

PS: Check out the video below from the HeartMath Institute

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WncDlYGEekQ&w=560&h=315]