Today I was walking to get coffee and everyone kept looking at me. And I don’t mean just the beautiful women out there… everyone! Young adults, children, elderly, men and women…. What was going on!!!!


Have you heard of the term Universal Law?

It is referring to the laws of world of energy, particles, and matter that make up and govern life. Physics and quantum physics; Universal Law is referring to life and its interactions.

There are some things that occur that are constant. Take gravity for example. If an object has mass, it is affected by gravity. Hold a pencil in the air, let go, it will fall down to the ground. It is mathematically measurable. It is repeatable. It is a law that no one can escape, “if” there are no other forces influencing the outcome of the event.

Taking this analogy a few steps further, most have heard about the law of cause and effect. Many people have also heard of the laws of attraction, deliberate creation and of allowing.

I got really into learning about the Universal laws by listening to many professionals, experts, and to Ester and Jerry Hicks, but what I want to describe more about is how these laws play out in our lives…… life is a game so learn more about the rules below.

Life is a Mirror

What you are currently experiencing in your life, work environment, family, friends, romantic relationships, living arrangements, financial status, personality, behaviors, beliefs…. Everything about you is a reflection of what and who you are in your “being”… now check this out.

What I mean by using the word “being” is that you cannot be solely defined by the physical body in which you travel around in your life. There is an invisible aspect of you which has an awareness, this awareness though functions in a subliminal and subconscious way. The aspect of the non-physical mind that is aware of what you are doing and thinking comprises only a small percentage of what is actually going on within and around you. Additionally, in my opinion there may be more levels of awareness that one can only experience once previous levels of realization have been acquired, similar to stepping up onto something to get a better view.

So take a look at some of these pictures and see some of the ways in which our mind has been categorized by experts of their time, most notably, Freud and Jung. But there are cultural understandings of the mind from Native & South American Shaman, Aborigine & Asian Healers and Shaman as well as classic historic philosophers of European heritage and manuscripts & writings from lost cultures that resemble much of what western science in the field of the human mind and heart research, light and sound research and psychic phenomenon are discovering to be true and repeatable today.

consciouness jung-freud

consciousness level 4 Consciousness level 3

consciousness levels

Become Consciously Observant

Here’s a great quote from a post on one of my friends Face book page that beautifully and simply describes what I was talking about…. Also note… I stumbled across her post the same time I was writing this article…. Everything has Purpose!!

“All partnerships (relationships (my addition)) can open many doors for us, broadening our mental horizons and freeing us from old and outworn attitudes and viewpoints.

If we change our ways of seeing and experiencing life, we will find that we develop a much greater and more genuine sense of inner and outer freedom and also its potential to heal old wounds and make us more whole, we may be able to tap into unknown resources within ourselves.

Now without relationship we would never become conscious of ourselves. It takes another person to reflect back to us, as in a mirror, who we really are, whether this is on the most superficial level of public image or the most profound level of essential identity.”  ~  Tina Saelee


Becoming aware of the varying levels in which you think opens up the door for revelations of yourself, why you continue to have experiences that you may not desire and why you are attracting what you are attracting. But there’s another tricky part that you must hear about…

This mind is like another sense of the body. I will refer to this as the 7th sense. This component of the mind, which works extremely similar to that of the nose and smell, is constantly on the alert for information that works as a survival mechanism when one is in hostel environments, but in today’s society it is picking up fears associated with what you have been programmed with. Check out the example.

When you are walking down the street you don’t decide to just start smelling something, that smell is already present and you happen to cross its path of influence. The smell from the blossoming flower, the bakery down the street or even the garbage truck a few cars ahead of you. You cannot control it; you can run away or stop and pause, depending on what you enjoy. In a similar way, the thoughts of others, of a community, of a society, a nation, or a race are being permeated through your consciousness 24-7, some are very locally oriented and some are nationwide. Just look at the fear associated with the swine flu, bird flu, and now Ebola virus. There is so much of the story being kept from the vast majority of the public and the ones that know where to look already understand what is really going on, or at least have a better picture than what you are being told on the corporate controlled media mouth pieces.

If one is unaware of these details then one is basing their decisions and beliefs by those thoughts and ideas projected by others, you are being controlled, and potentially for others personal gain, think undercover slavery. The scary part is a majority of people identify themselves with their thoughts. You become your thoughts but you are not your thoughts.

Mental Dis-Ease

In my opinion there is so much mental dis-ease these days due to believe you are your thoughts and that there is no control of what you can think, essentially people believe they are stuck with these thoughts.  (Also understand that mental die-ease can be the result of chemical toxicity from privately and publicly sanctioned programs and products)

The understanding of how thoughts work in our mind and combine that with what we know about marketing and the strategies to influence voting habits, purchasing habits, fashion and material desires, the list just goes on and on. This is occurring in societies across the world, everyone is under the influence to think and believe certain things by the programming you receive every day.

The television shows and commercials, sports teams and gambling, news papers and internet news sites, magazines and music, politics and YouTube, the list just goes on and on.

If you unaware of what you are choosing to input into your mind and how that affects what you believe about yourself, others, and this world you are constantly creating, than it is being created for you…. If you really knew… I am willing to bet you would make some different choices for a life experience.

How Can You Believe Me?

Don’t believe me. Ask yourself some questions first.

– Are most people walking around smiling, happy, talkative, and/or friendly?
– How many people drink, smoke, and intoxicate themselves to escape their reality?
– How many people absorb themselves into T.V. shows, sports teams, or Face book?

Rather than dealing with an issue, person, or experience by having a conversation to understand and listening, expressing your feelings or frustrations and successes and dreams we have tuned everything out. Many distract themselves all day long to a point now where their critical thinking brain is mush!!

I am guilty of everything above, but I have consciously created and chosen to meet people that can assist me in my transcendence into abundance and prosperity of happiness, joy, adventurous experiences, relationships, money and life.

It is a daily practice of identifying self and course correcting the perception that you desire to have towards events and the corresponding effect that has on your personal vibration and therefore what you attract into your life experiences.

Identifying what is going on in your mind requires a level of awareness that is more sophisticated in observation of the self than what you have been taught. Seeing your world, your experiences, your attitudes and feelings towards others and what you perceive to be in the eyes and hearts of other people in your life is what needs shifting for personal growth and increased life satisfaction.

This is my purpose, you can invent or re-invent yourself, it’s simple, observe, evaluate, create.

With Love & Light

Dr. Kevin

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