We all make mistakes. We all do things perhaps that we shouldn’t, and we act in ways that perhaps we wish we had not. But that’s part of life, that’s part of being involved in something that’s very real. Life is full of all kinds of pitfalls and negativities and things that can get us down. Just remember that no matter what, light doesn’t come from light. Light comes from darkness. And the darkest part of our night, is just before the dawn.

Life can be looked at through mathematics. Check out this article I wrote about life and math.

With that knowledge one can look at the challenges, troubles and seemingly bad luck much differently.

Reworking your understanding of what has happened or happening is the key to making that event a power positive in your life.

Ask yourself the question, “How is this possibly good thing?” and you will open the door for great goodness in your life.

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Best regards,

Dr Kevin