What’s More Valuable Than Money?

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”  – Herophilus

The Million Dollar Offer

About a year ago I was working as an associate Chiropractor in Bangkok, Thailand. Wonderful experiences, but that’s a conversation for another day, but what happened changed my perspective about money, health and my personal understanding of intention for the rest of my life. You will want to read this all the way through and consider how someone like me will assist you.

A new patient walked in, if I recall, about 65 years old, but a physical mess.

I am talking about barely able to stand up and walk, multiple surgeries, literally, the man died twice on the operating table and was brought back to life. This all occurred in a four year period and here he is shuffling into my clinic. What happened next was extremely exciting.

I will give you 1 Million Dollars if you can help me walk again, was the first things he said to me. My mind went crazy excited!!

The Law of Attraction

I have been listening to and practicing the laws of deliberate creation, attraction and allowing. (Learn to Manifest) I also know, with 100% faith and trust, that it was more than possible to get this man to be able to walk, I expected it! I have so much confidence, experience and reports from patients that it was just a matter of time. But you may be thinking, this is bullsh$t

This guy proceeded to tell me his story about his business and his family.

He traded in gold for the last 40 years, had multiple businesses that bought and sold gold, the guy even said he would show me how to trade in the game of gold with any amount of money, even if it was $100.00, preferably $500.00, but would teach me how to work the market. (pretty cool because I have big intentions and I’m thinking this is it!!! Something that will give me exactly what I have been intending)

Universal Laws are Divinely Perfect

As I got past the initial wave of excitement quickly because I knew, based on his health history, I needed to start asking deeper questions. (Understand we are born with 99% exactly with the same materials and mental components, yet we each have uniqueness, but it is such a small portion of the base materials and structures we can essentially start in the same place) Now, skipping the physical and health history for his issues check out what I found.

Tremendous levels of personal guilt, anger and fear, towards himself and others.

In short, his family distrusted him, disliked him and some cases, disowned him. In the professional aspect of his life he had business partners and acquaintances in which he developed a significant lack of trust and events and experiences where people were backstabbing and manipulating one another.

I am certain I was unaware of all the intricate details from our initial consultation with him but he sacrificed everything for the gold business. Much of his family left him and moved to the west coast of U.S. and now, because he has made his millions essentially gave up the focus of the Gold business, all though quite active still, has turned his attention to his family and his health. But this was because he had to. He died twice on the operating table… that is no joke.

The Emotional Storm Clouds

When I began to assess his luminous energy field, energetic blueprint, chakras, aura, whatever you want to call it, simply imagine the darkest and thickest storm cloud you have ever seen. The density, intensity and interconnectedness to all his being were deep and encompassing.

So I hope you’re asking, did you get the Million dollars? Let me go deeper with you.

Both Of Our Personal Journeys Perfectly Coincided

This man patronized me about addressing his emotions. He yes’d me every time I brought it up in conversation. I required higher skill in questioning him about his emotions and mind. But on a purely physical level, did he follow my recommendations? Great question, he did for one week then his commitments fell significantly, gave me many excuses and in the end stopped showing up about 3-4 weeks later all together.

It’s a partnership. Guide and Explorer. Both of us played both roles!

My journey in developing as a doctor and healer was in a much different place a year ago. Looking back, significant experience, knowledge and ability has been acquired since then. For that I am grateful.

Understanding of what I needed to become more proficient in, the realm of financial prosperity, abundance and management has grown significantly. Additionally, understanding the beliefs and perceptions about money in my personal past in relation to expectations and limitations I had put on myself subconsciously has been significantly revealed and shifted since then and continues to be revealed… the inspiration to write this came about because of a new realization attained.

Persistent Growth

What a time of growth for me. The desire for money was the motivation. I had lost some sense of what was the truth of the matter. When the time came, I focused, set the intention, but a vibration of wrong-use-ness of energy was an aspect of the adjustment.

Did he improve? Yes, Absolutely!!! And it was exciting. Regardless of what he did and I thought, the principle of what chiropractic stands for continued to apply itself, life is amazing. The intention and co-creation of an experience only enhances the results and effectiveness and I knew the result he desired was probably and likely.

Where the patients results received in the time of his expectation? No, and I take full responsibility for that detail. But like many, including myself, we want the big result with no effort. The runaway train was going down a steep hill and we both wanted to be chugging along up the mountain of actualization towards attaining our desires, for him it was less than 1 month.

The law of momentum is at work here and he failed to recognize it, I failed to teach it. We were perfect partners in more than one way!!! I learned, I hope he did as well.

I experienced the truth of the universal laws in relation to this man, for what I attracted and what it propelled me to learn. It was and is perfect. I also understood much more deeply how the mind plays a significant role with the body and vice versa.

Most Want The Same

You…. Me…. we all want improvement our lives. I desire it for you and I know it is within you, it is simply a matter of detecting then unlocking the combination.

I am offering an opportunity for you to receive and in exchange I am providing an opportunity for another to receive.

His name is Sam. He is in Cambodia and this man came to my aid when he and his family had and currently have extremely little. I have dedicated an aspect of myself to assist him and his family in their time of need.

Read that story here (Sam – Returning the Goodness) donate the $25, $50, $100 or more and I will work with you and help you on your personal journey to greater levels of happiness, abundance and wholeness.

The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

– John F. Kennedy

This is about your life, his life, my life and the world. This is about consciousness of love. The world is asking it of us and I have heard the call. Allow me to assist you and you can bless another with a simple gift.

Bless you and much appreciation,

Dr. Kevin