Center Point Meditation

The human Biology is not built for all the incoming transmissions that can enter the body and mind on a daily basis. With each incoming thought or feeling, tension will build up in the body whether you like it or not. Everyone’s physical body has a certain limit to how much tension it can hold. Consider the analogy that your body has a tension backpack that gets filled from all the tension that occurs from the stress we encounter in our life. In the world today, most people’s backpacks are totally full. If the tension backpack is full, the body is unable to adapt to stress, is possibly filled with pain, and dis-ease is able to thrive because the tension is so full in the body that it can no longer heal itself. Consider Center Point Meditation (CPM) and Center Point Therapeutics (CPT) as possible solutions to allow your body to instantly empty your tension backpack, so you can continue living your life free from the tension that this modern life creates.

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Welcome the world of Center Point Meditation (CPM).

CPM is a soft and smooth (yet fast and efficient) meditation technique designed to work in a fast paced world. On a continuous basis the tension in our body is constantly being filled. Because of the biology within us this tension can build up without you even having to move a muscle. Examples include: overthinking, anxiety, depression, worrying, speculating, emotional feeling, instinctive feelings, empathetic feelings, and caring about people and animals.

What if I told you there was a way for you to empty this type of tension in a matter of seconds?

Sounds impossible, I know, I thought the very same thing. But after years and many hours of practicing CPM, with my self and with others, the results have not only shown its benefits first hand, but it’s also become predictable and repeatable over and over. The coincidences were too many and too consistent for me, that I had to put the information down on paper and do my very best at sharing this to as many people that I can. It is that important to me.




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