Prosperity Thoughts – Vision

Prosperity Thoughts – Vision


Develop a vision of what your life is to look like. This helps you continue with your plan and meet your goals.  Use this affirmation to stay on track and attract your vision.  Audio MP3 and PDF


Affirmations are one of the methods that help bring about a positive shift in your life.
Using the Universal Law of Repetition, affirmations are used as a tool in creating a mindset that allows healing and upgrading the quality of your subconscious mind and life.

These audios are mastered with 3 rounds of verbal statements congruent with a positive life expansive philosophy. Additionally, the audio is layered with music proven to stimulate a subconscious change and physiological response for relaxation and positive outcome growth.

Five different affirmations will assist you on your journey to wellness and full potential: Action, Focus, Motivation, Service, and Vision.

Feel free to mix and match several Affirmations, or get the whole series.

Each order includes a printable version (.pdf) and audio file (.mp3).

Individual Affirmations = $9.00
Series of All 5 Affirmation (save $5) = $40.00


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