Be Still

So True.

When you actively calm down the body, the mind will follow. Your true beliefs, intentions, and understandings of life will become much more clear and you can begin to shift the ones that are no longer serving your greatest good!!

Neurologically, stillness of the physical body reduces the nociceptive afferent (negative signals) input into the brain allowing the massive amount of information to shift from messages that are keeping you at high alert, (aka stress/breakdown), to ones that are instructing your physiologic processes towards feelings of peace and calm while the systems of your body turn on rejuvenation and regeneration (aka healing).

In turn, shifting your focus from the act of observing your thoughts to observing the feelings of the body increase the awareness from the mental to the physical. Which is where the benefits happen, and happen much more rapidly. So how do you do that?…. Here’s one way.

Ask your self some questions and allow the answer to come; How do your feet feel on the floor? Describe what is the sensation of sitting on the chair feel like? What is the physical experience of breathing like? How does my heart rate change when breathing? These are just a few sample questions but here’s the next step….

Focus on these sensations and allow the mind, the chit chat…. which will be present… time to settle down.

The more you do, the more rewarded you will be!!

The steps above are simple and for the beginner, but in my opinion sometimes those are the ones that are the most powerful.

Are you thinking or feeling that is there is more? Well, you are correct. There are other components to having rewarding, productive and peaceful healing and you can learn about these amazing methods, so ask yourself…..

Do you want? …………. Of course you do!

Then the next step is easy. Follow the link, read the info and get interested in creating your life, deliberately!! Take action and see how I developed these abilities more and more over the past few years to a point where I am happier, healthier and more abundant than at any other time in my life… and it is only getter better!!

Shift Your Mind, Shift Your Life!! You can do it!

With Love & Light

Dr Kevin