Raw & Uncut Ep 4: Your Symptoms are Speaking to You!!!

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This video is a review of a philosophy or perspective in how natural herbs effect the physiologic/physical body and what a symptom (or experience ) may mean in your healing journey. Please ask your questions or leave any comments. I appreciate you and your input!!! Blessings, Dr. Kevin

Have Your Morning Coffee with Me!

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Greetings, This post has me very excited as it's my first live streaming internet video interview. On July 15th I appeared on Morning Coffee at Radio Vision Network, a morning educational talk internet show. Below you can see the three segments of me, Dr. Kevin, answering questions in a live interview format. You get to see how I think on the fly! If you have questions or any feed back, please comment below or contact [...]

Your Infinite Nature

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Your body is made up of many parts (muscles, bones, nerves, organs) and every part is made of up of smaller and smaller ones (molecules, atoms, subatomic particles). This goes on infinitely Ask any quantum physicist, or Benoit Madelbrot. (also watch this movie, The Colors of Infinity, for a deeper understanding) Just like the human body, our world and our universe goes on infinitely. In fact we are just like pianos. Consider our reality is [...]

Medical Doctors and Chiropractors… Who Knew?

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Since chiropractic’s inception in 1895 there has been an unique understanding of the crucial relationship between the integrity of the spinal column and the function of the nervous system as a whole and specifically the tissues and organs that they supply. The interrelatedness of the spine and nerve system--even way back then--was evident in its simplest of understandings. It was this basic observation that led to the profession of chiropractic focusing on the function of [...]

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