Time for Change?

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You can not control the rhythm of this clock nor anything outside of you. This clock does not relate to time as you and I know it, it relates to life circumstances, patterns of social construction, patterns of events, emotions, beliefs and states of being. It is literally virtual reality, but not the computerized synthetic kind.

Vaxxed Screening in NJ

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Vaxxed as you may recall is movie the Big Pharmaceutical industry does not want you to see. Here's the trailer [youtube] Support the movement, meet like minded people and help others wake up! Here are the movie locations and dates near me in southern New Jersey. Please spread the word!! Cherry Hill: August 9th Marlton: August 10th Mays Landing: August 23rd

What is Chiropractic?

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Everyone has heard of chiropractic these days. Yet, the true nature of what chiropractic is and what it helps is confusing at best. A literal 'ball of yarn' of confusion mixed in with dis-information from powers that want it to fail. So here's where  the message gets cleaned up... Watch this short 2 minute video and perhaps there's something you may hear that's new! Best Regards, Dr Kevin

Milk, Allergies and Asthma

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Milk does a Body Good. Remember that commercial? Well it's almost true. The processing and ultra-heating kill all the good stuff. Combined with the mass-producing that has the cows in dirty, dangerous and unsanitary conditions. There needs to be a change in our food system. However, there are still groups of milk producers that provide clean, healthy, life promoting milk. You may have heard of Raw Milk, currently in New Jersey, illegal to sell, which [...]

Action, Take it.

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Today is a day of action. A decision has been placed in front of you. A say this generally for everyone, however there is a very specific energy of new-ness. New beginnings. Opportunities to step up to another level. Are you taking action? I am. For some, the decision is going to be tough, some of those re-occurring themes and battles are here for you to review, however, you have prepared yourself for many years [...]

Need Sleep?

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One of the most frustrating challenges to overcome is the inability to sleep well. in a great article by Dr. Joe Mercola, he describes 32 suggestions to enhance your sleep. Read below, however there is one factor missing. The Pineal Gland. Not one sleep article address the Pineal gland reflex and how to correct it. So read the article below, put his suggestions to practice and if you're still stuck, message me and I can teach [...]

How Sciatic Pain Can Go Away

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One Patient Story at Horning Chiropractic Center: The pain was a burning, searing pain that started on Sunday in my hip and went down my leg and into my ankle and foot. It was non stop, 24/7. I couldn’t stand, sit or lie down without pain. I slept in a fixed position because if I moved the wrong way the pain woke me up. I couldn’t do anything. I tried ice and heat and over [...]

Do You Have Dysponesis?

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  Dysponesis is defined by Doreland’s Medical Dictionary as follows: A reversible physiopathologic state consisting of unnoticed, misdirected neurophysiologic reactions to various agents (environmental events, bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts) and the repercussions of these reactions throughout the organism. These errors in energy expenditure, which are capable of producing functional disorders, consist mainly of covert errors in action-potential output from the motor and premotor areas of the cortex and the consequences of that output. Source: [...]


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