Today I’m going to reveal something that I held personal for some time. In fact I never sent this letter and I still am uncertain why that is. Perhaps it was for today.

I am going to post a letter I was intending on sending to Gregg Braden after I heard an audio clip from one of his seminars. I was a bit embarrassed that I had never heard of him prior to that experience. But that showed me that my personal conclusions were accurate. Which gave me a big “OK, Good… I’m Not Going Crazy” type of feeling.

So read, enjoy and then comment. Your feedback will spark a great discussion that will help other find new understanding.


It is a pleasure to introduce myself and I feel slightly embarrassed that I am unaware of your work, but after learning more what you have been describing these past years I have been experiencing the effects revealed by your work, so thank you for your wonderful efforts.

I am first a seeker of truth, and second a chiropractor. Perhaps what I am going to share with you may have been theorized already but I am called to share it with you.

We are on a cusp of a new era! Peace and love are the energies that humans desire to move towards, but many are unaware.

A portion of my role that I am becoming aware is my life’s purpose, is in the assistance of releasing the subluxation of our collective being.

The word subluxation is what I am going to focus more on. In chiropractic, most doctors and therefore their patients understand this term to mean “a bone out of place putting pressure on a nerve”. This is not what the founding fathers of my profession intended if you read the writings of D.D. Palmer, but none the less, this is what the modern chiropractor has accepted to due to the allegiances in the allopathic medical mindset.

There has been a shift in the understanding of the term subluxation to mean some sort of neurologic interference, resultant of some sort of epigenetic/environmental strain/stress (a thought, trauma, or toxin that crosses a threshold of adaptability: subluxation = a limitation of matter) that causes a response similar to a circuit breaker protecting the house, but left unchecked results in deterioration. This is through the body’s attempt to compensate and self-correct, but because of the severity of the stress it is beyond the body’s ability to adapt to 100% ideal functionality.

(The term environmental refers to any internal and external process that is influencing our human potential that stimulates an adaptation response)

In addition to this, I have become acutely aware of other epigenetic/environmental categories that strain our current society. These include genetic, cellular memory, past life, beliefs/paradigms, universal forces, planetary energies, time, dimensions, templates, and other patterns. Some I am aware of and others I am currently unacquainted.

The term subluxation, when broken into its Latin origins reveals the following meaning: A state of being of less light.

When I understood this in relationship to my growing understanding that humans are luminous beings, my profession took on a whole new meaning.

I am here to share an awareness that our journey as luminous beings on our dimensional plain is to achieve oneness with source. Our struggles, challenges, and experiences are all geared towards a return to source. A great lesson of the soul.

In my weekly sessions with an intuitive that has many wonderful gifts, we have conversations about my personal growth, but very often we discuss ideas. Our personal experiences come together and formation of new awareness arises.

In chiropractic, the right upper neck, known as the atlas occipital junction, also known as C0-C1, there are entire techniques dedicated to this relationship and its alignment.

Well on one of these discussions, Carole, was describing how the cranial bones and tissues are the home of our soul and our consciousness. Each cranial bone has a specific meaning and impacts your body and perception of life. Immediately my thoughts jumped to my knowledge of these techniques and why this part of our body is so intricately related to our overall health, well being, and connection to Source.

What our discussion began to reveal is that our self-induced negativity (SIN), experiences from past lives, genetic and cellular memories, and physical stresses and strains all restrict us from the attainment of the oneness experience and understanding of Source.

When we are able to transform and become conscious of what we truly are, and we see our physical body as the manifest expression of God, the body begins to release the stresses and strain itself. It is my theory that this process may begin as early as infancy/early childhood if caring adults and/or parents are aware of the ideas that I am referring to or are simply aware that there is a greater source and have a lifestyle in support of this growth (similar to the selection of Jedi in Star Wars movies, yes I just referred to fictional movies, none-the-less have profound philosophy).

This subluxation in the physical form is a result of the original sin, and on a mystical level, what Adam and Eve may represent in Genesis. The relationship of what the original SIN is is where I defer to Carole who has much more expansive knowledge on the mystical understanding of the Bible, Torah, Quran, as well as other teaching of Buddhism and I’m sure more.

What some chiropractors, and many other healers, have become aware of is the representation of these energies in the field of the physical body. All of the levels of interference I referred to above (genetic, cellular memory, past life, beliefs/paradigms, universal forces, planetary energies, time, dimensions, and templates) are, in my experience, reflected in levels of subtle energy surrounding each individual.

Imagine the Russian nesting dolls, the ones that fit inside each other. Some of the energies are hidden within and some extend out. This is a concept I became familiar with when reading Alberto Villoldo’s Shaman Healer Sage, where he described four layers of energy, (think chakra and aura fields). My current theory is that these energy fields are present in the physical form, and that more subtle levels extend, perhaps on other plains or dimensions. Regardless, I believe they are responding positively when I adjust the subluxation, AKA blockage of light.

My intention in writing this letter was to share an idea, to help expand awareness in others, and to assist in the transformation of the world into a new phase of love and light.

I envision a revolutionary movie, a controversial but undeniable book, and massive healing hospital of sorts where these ideas can be explored, cultivated and magnified so that others, who may be uncertain about what they are being called to do, can begin to develop certainty and assist in this much-needed societal transformation.

Many individuals enter my practice with these existential questions and wonder what their purpose in life is. They are searching, but the conventional sources of information and ideas have no answers and they feel alone.

I wrote to you because of a calling. If you share that calling, and if there is anything that you can do, I urge you to act.

I appreciate your thought, energy, and time in reflecting on what I have written.

In light and love

Dr. Kevin Gyurina, D.C., C.C.W.P.

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