El CapitainI am grateful for inspiring people

Many have developed a burning passion for self improvement and an ability to be successful the idea of the other side of the mountain has taken a place of great importance in my life.

The Other Side of the Mountain

Any goal in life, desire, or intention can be compared to climbing a mountain. But specificity when attempting to get something that you want. But I am referring to manifesting the experience or material object.

A little more than a year ago I restarted my quest for understanding and applying the laws of attraction. I new people have created something in their life that they desired and just like you I have dreams and some of these dreams are big!!

Over the years I have had experiences in my life where I desired something and then it happened, so i knew whatever I set my mind to, continue to maintain a focus on what I intended,  have awareness of the thoughts, beliefs and limitations of my mind and develop a new paradigm which is all to result in the manifestation of the intention I created.

That’s a mouthful!

Climbing a mountain is the same thing. If the mountain is worth it!

Physical training, planning the route, prepping your equipment and scenario planning all come into play. In recent American mainstream news on the Today Show you get to see what a few people created in there mind and what you get to see is teh final result.

Fascinated with the Finish Line

I’ve been caught doing it to, but the result, the dream, is the easiest aspect to accomplish. Create the vision (even though learning to create a bigger, more grand and self loving vision can be difficult for some) and enjoy the potential fruits is very fun. But once that “Rocket of desire” (Ester and Jerry Hicks) has been launched then aligning your self and allowing the experience to come becomes the next focus.

This is what I am experiencing; I’m still climbing the mountain but continuing to address obstacles that come my way,(mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally) but I have put in the training, the preparation and have set myself up for success.

My focus is to maintain doing the basics that i have developed and move forward, observing, responding, shifting and observing again.

But I have come to a point, just like when you ascend up the mountain, the views become rewarding, excitement builds to keep going and you begin to have greater and greater certainty that all the trails and tribulations and highs and lows where worth it.

The Other Side of the Mountain is the Reward

There is focus needed, the view is fantastic, you have gained invaluable experience, and you received what you set out to accomplish.

Currently, I am in a great transition of my personal and professional life, the timing was originally unknown for me,but I am finding myself deep into a great upgrade of my life. I simply created a vision of my life, in as many aspects as I could, and then maintained a high awareness of how I was interacting with the people and circumstances in my life. Help from friends, chiropractors, reiki masters, and other mind and body natural healers, combined with improving food and lifestyle choices I am manifesting many of my desires.

What began as a significant emotional upheaval in a personal relationship resulted in a change which began a few months ago. Looking back the series of synchronicity events is amazing and I continue to move forward.

Personally for me I am in a place of significant gratitude for all the receiving of things I need or desired to assist me in the current transition. I have been reaping many fruits and reflecting of what was Intended I now can see the Law of Attraction in great detail and how it is now unfolding. It is exciting and beautiful!

So keep positive, understand the challenges in your life are exactly perfect for your bigger and grander understanding of the life you have created.

If you are experiencing something in your life that you don’t like, then time to check your intentions, what you believe about yourself, about others and what you want to create with the attitude of service and goodness to others in a way the brings you joy, passion and abundance.

Check out many of my other blog posts for deeper details on other understanding of what make up who you are.

And for help in this process of Deliberate Intending check out how to Manifest with you mind or the Silva Method Brain training