THAVES_1998_Paradigm_ShiftIt’s been a few weeks since I have written and I have been wondering how does that happen?

We all have similar experiences so let me share a bit of mine.

I have recognized as I go through different transitions through my personal growth of betterment journey that occasionally everything gets shaken up. Sometimes that shake up can rock you to the core!!

In this case, for me, what I intended resulted in me moving to another continent.

You see approximately 1 year ago I created intentions for my life. Feelings, experiences, and relationships among among every area of my life. As I have performed my daily affirmations, visualizations and intentions I maintain an awareness of the present moments. Which means that opportunities present themselves and if actions and feelings associated with these opportunities flow easily for me, I continue to move towards that opportunity.

In this case a new opportunity came for me through a large number of synchronicities in my life.

As I began to take action on the opportunities, more synchronicities came. As I kept following my intuition, guiding me towards what I have intended, parts of my life began to fall apart (at least it appears this way). Personal and professional relationships changed and some fell apart, realizations of myself and others begin to take place.

What I continually focused on in the difficult times is that I knew there was good in every experience. There was something that I intended that attracted an experience and I began to allow things to happen, sometimes I would have lots of emotion around it, but I improved greatly at letting go.

My belief and now knowing is that all things are happening to you to propel me to what I have intended. (This can be consciously or unconsciously created) My personal opinion is that a conscious intention is the best way because then you are taking responsibility for your actions and results in life, verses blaming others or circumstances.

In this way one is developing personal mastery.

Through my shift over the past two months I have had some of the best times in my life and some of the lowest pain moments.

But as I am writing you now, and I’m sure many others have similar highs and lows, stay focused on the responding to the moments in front of you. Respond and watch what happens to your feelings, the feelings of others and the resulting experiences that occur because of what you do.

When the time is appropriate, as it is during the next few days, reflect on your year an on your life. Reflect on how you act, how you feel and how you think.

If you desire a different experience then ask yourself how would you like to see things be? How do you what to move forward in your life? What relationships would you like to enhance?

Create in your mind the feeling that you desire in different areas of your life for your next year, decade or more and write them down, read it daily, then trust yourself and the energy that creates all things to bring you all that you need to attain what you have created.

It is a beautiful process, but as in all cycles something must die for others to grow.

So be comfortable with being uncomfortable, be good with letting people or things go so that you may be able to receive the goodness that you have intended. And keep taking steps forward, because you are much closer than you think at attaining the life you have intended.

Happy New Year and Blessings to you and your loved ones