My friend sent me this video and the way this teacher of mystic knowledge describes the spine…. it is amazingly great!! In some ways metaphoric but yet entirely literal.

Watch the video and read my comments below


Did you really “listen’ to the part from 4:55 – 5:10

Check it out again. He states that If the spine can be changed (improving adaptability, suppleness & functionality) then the mind will be addressed. The mind receives much of its “energy” from the spine.

This mystic teacher mirrors exactly what chiropractic philosophy has theorized for over 100 years and now is being proven with studies of brain wave activity and mental impulse tracking.

So what Affects….

So what affects the spine and nervous systems ability to function??

Three major categories of stressors in the chiropractic world that result in breaking down the functionality of the spine. Mental, Physical, & Chemical

Any interaction in your world, internally or externally, has an effect on the body and mind. If that interaction goes beyond the individuals ability to adapt, then break down occurs. On the cellular level and beyond. Organs, tissues, joints and or glands can all be negatively impacted.

Here’s a simple example. If you go to the gym and lift weights you are challenging your body. Depending on your own body’s ability to adapt to the forces/ weights being lifted will determine how much weight you can lift at one time.

If you are big and strong you can “adapt” to more “stress”. If you have never trained or have little strength your body can only handle low levels of stress (light weights). In life, the stresses are always occurring. They can be emotional stress from a work interaction, driving on the road, answering the phone or even just watching television …. really anything. So it depends on your specific self. The version of humanity that you are. Some people have gifts to adapt to certain stresses differently that others. Put me in front of seat of an airplane and my stress would be off the charts…

There is no difference what the stress is, your health, vitality and growth are dependent upon your body’s ability to detect, adapt and respond to the stress in your environment, if you body can not adapt it breaks down.

The point is when you nervous system is working optimally and your spine is supple and adaptable you have greater and greater ability to enlighten yourself, clear away mental blocks and move towards the life you desire to create for your self.

If you want more details about the stress response in the body check out Hans Selye, he figured out a lot of details that have increased a lot awareness of how the body functions. What he didn’t know, or at least we are not told anything, is the mental and spiritual component of the affect of having a health function spine and nervous system.

What Can You Do?

Seeking out a chiropractor that you feel comfortable with is a great start. In fact, proper spinal motion is an integral component but there are also many things you can do on your own to assist in increasing your abilities.

Check out these products and or services.

Expand your abilities and live a life that you dream about!!

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