The Question is everything!!!

But where does it come from?


Imagine you have a flower that is wilting. How do you know it is wilting? You know by the signs and symptoms of what a wilting flower looks like.

This is called expression of life. Regarding a flower, we recognize it as leaves turning brown, dried up petals and branches, bent over stalks, dry looking soil and perhaps a few other clues.

So what’s the next step…. why I’m hoping you will give it some water! You do this because some how you learned that flowers need water, they require it.

But you also recognize that it could need sunlight, or fresh nutrients as in new soil. You instinctively know that the plant needs something to help it return to its ideal state of being. The ideal expression of life that demonstrates health.

To get to this point your mind came to a conclusion that your plant must not have been expressing health because it was either deficient in a required substance, or possibly toxic in something that was killing it.

There’s a problem

This level of thinking often time leads us to believe that when a flower looks good we can assume that it is functioning well.

What am I talking about??

You could have taken some paint and colored the leaves and petals green and brown and whatever else needed to have the plant appear vibrant and healthy. Or, You could get some wire and brace the plant so everything stands up straight and looks like a healthy plant. But we really know that these actions do nothing to give the plant what it “needs” and ultimately kills the plant faster.

The simple truth is the plant is either deficient in something or toxic with something, and this is true of any ecosystem, any animal and any human being.

The Questions we ask are Launched
from our View of the World.

When the perspective of the human being shifts from a mechanistic, Newtonian only model of reality to one that includes vitalism, wholism, naturalism… a quantum model, then how we care and treat our body’s completely changes. Then deciding how to care for yourself become much easier.

In the example above, when looking at the plant through the wholistic perspective, the answers are simple. Discover and provide the plant with the ingredients that optimize performance and function and eliminate the components that reduce or negatively affect function. More easily stated as “Purity and Sufficiency versus Deficiency and Toxicity.”

When it comes to our health and life, learning what enhances the body to perform well is what is needed.

Common sense can become your best friend. Asking questions, then questioning those questions, will begin to lead you on a path towards betterment.

Absurd Science

So how does this whole plant analogy fit into science. Well, it has to do with the current practice of the scientific method. Everyone wants double blind clinical control studies (DBCCT) for this or for that to say they should or should not do something.

In a DBCCT the scientist want to measure one factor that may or may not effect the health of a plant. The plants are divided into equal groups and some plants are given real things and others fake things and still others a combination of real and fake.  So after the study concludes the results of the test subjects are reviewed and assumptions made. Only in this example imagine that adding water was what was being tested.  If adding water did not have the desired effect on the plant then it could be confirmed by a DBCCT that water is not effective treatment for wilting plants.

Faulty Paradigm: Looking good equals health (green, bright flowers, and straight stems)

How science can mislead you: All one needs to do is paint the leaves and flowers, ensure a system of enhancing the plant to stand upright. The if it looks healthy, it must be healthy. But in the example water did not change the “look” of the flower

Faulty Results: Flowers do not benefit by adding water.

Comment: We all know this is untrue, but using a common sense example one can begin to see how relying only on one method of science for answers can mislead someone based on per-existing belief systems, social doubt and other potential factors.

Now What?

How does this translate to us humans? Simple…. A Vast majority of people believe that feeling good equates to good health. It does not!!

Every drug on the market promises to rid you of some ill-feeling symptom or surgery to prop you up in some manner. But does adding a chemical concoction, cutting out body parts and/or putting in metal into the body lead to greater levels of health. The answer is a resounding full on shouting “NO”.

Remember we are talking about improving the adaptive and physiologic functional properties of the body. Do these allopathic interventions lead to greater autonomic homeostatic adaptability and functionality? No!

Can medications and surgeries temporarily relieve symptoms or eliminate structural responsibility of the body, yes.

Can this feel good, yes!

Can it lead to improved function, yes!

Do drugs and surgeries eliminate the cause breakdown in the body that lead to the symptom being expressed which lead you to a doctor of some sort to get it figured out, No!

In my personal estimate, if the emotional, physical, and chemical components of physiologic breakdown can be mitigated or eliminated from ‘building up’ in the body, then there would be balance, grace, and high levels of adaptability regardless of how old one gets. Which means, living a quality of life that has balance and movement of body, sharpness and recollection of mind as well as a purpose and zest for life.

We will all move on to the next phases of existence after bodily death, but one can go through life with enjoyment, love and physical comfort while maintaining the optimal performance of the mind and body.

How Do I Begin?

Great question and in my experience it all begins with what you think, then how you feel in comparison to what you are thinking.

You want to upgrade your thinking???
You want to enhance the quality of your life????
There’s only one person that can do anything!!
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