It’s a weird thing

Think back to how you got to where you are in life.

I am willing to bet you all have a story to tell about how your choices and decisions somehow worked out for the best in your life. Or you can at least see what choices got you to where you are today.

You may have met a person, read an article, had an Ah-Ha moment that guided your decision… and how dramatically different your life could have been if you made a different choice.

The past two months of my life have been a reminder to observe what’s happening around me and to relate to what is going on inside my mind.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense

Recently, I have discovered that if I have a repeating experience in life,  regardless if other people are playing the similar roles as others in my past, that there is some energy, some form of vibration with in me that is attracting this experience.

There are also signs, all over the place, to inform me if I am on the correct path moving in a direction that is enhancing my life and others lives as well as supporting my acheivement of my goals and desires in life

What do I Mean by Some “Energy”

What this referring to is thought patterns. Emotional program patterns, belief patterns and behavior patterns.  Essentially, if X experience happens to you then Y reaction takes place.

It’s just like a computer program. It was installed and in many cases your choice would be different. But be mindful… these programs are ultimately for your greatest good!!!

So What Can One Do?

Become aware.

Your experiences in life have matching emotions. Ask, are these emotions positive or negative. Better stated, do these emotions feel light, free, and uplifting? Or do they feel draining, pressing, or like an obligation?

Do the signs you see walking around, driving, hearing parts of conversations….. are they uplifting and giving you inspiration and confirmation. Is life flowing easily for you?

Or are the signs negative? Does the door seem like it is closing? Do you consistently feel like you are hitting road blocks?

If the later, than congratulations!! You have just taken the first step…

Identification. You have learned that something feels “off, closed or frustrated ” when reviewing an experience. This is the clue to dig deeper into your perceptions and intentions of the event.

Realization, the next step is sometimes easy and sometimes more difficult.

Ask yourself:

– What experiences in your past does this current one remind you of?
– Does someone in your life act in the same way?
– Why does this experience bother you?- How does what I think fit into this experience?

When you can answer questions like these you begin to uncover the belief structure you hold around a specific persons behavior… and if you read Mirror, Mirror on the Wall  you will have a deeper understanding of what I mean.


Life is constantly putting up signs and symbols for us to recognize. It feels like a game really. And it can be very exciting. But it is your job to learn how to interpret your symbols.

Some things are universal to us all and some are specific to you. In both cases, you are the final judge for yourself to determine if you are on the right track.

The learn more about deep subconscious recognition of symbols is a journey, and a worth while one. But some simple reading and correlating different aspects of what different groups of individuals have study in regards to human interactions is a step that will reap many rewards.

Consider numerology, astrology, animal totems, dream interruption, personal coincidental encounters, visual images scene, conversations held around you. Everything!! it is a story to clue you in.

Start paying attention and see the signs that life has all around you.

When you are in sync, you are flowing, then you are more and more likely to be able to manifest the desires in your heart.

Looking for guidance in understanding the language the world is speaking to you with???  Contact me!


Dr. Kevin