Our earth, our bodies and our sun, we live in a magnetic universe.

I frequent a few you tube channels because of the high quality depth of detail and knowledgeable information presented in a rapid manner.

For a long time I held the theory that our physical body is effected by the happenings of planets, stars and other element of the heavens .

Watch the video and make up your own mind.

I ask you to be inquisitive, what if this were actually to be true, that our body, our mind be effected by events outside of us.

I the video below, Jessie, who  I have come to respect how he interrupts the information and want to share with you.

Images of the sun, the wobble of the earth, planet rotation, comets and earth quakes all related to events that on a day to day experience we are unaware of how it is effect us

You may need to review it a few times if you’ve never heard of some of these things,but ultimately what Jessie is showcasing technology and it’s ability to measure what is happening in our universe, how events in space directly effect us and the planet earth.

As Above So Below

Keep in mind that our entire body, brain, and heart each have been demonstrated to generate a electromagnetic field.



If you’ve ever had an MRI, magnetic resonance imaging you were scanned using the understanding of this fact of life. An MRI scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create pictures, on a computer, of tissues, organs and other structures inside your body.

We are a magnetic being inside of a magnetic universe on a magnetic planet. Wake up, there is a lot of info to download, you can do it. Enjoy the shift!

Blessing and best regards,

Dr. Kevin