Using the Universal Law of Repetition, affirmations are used as a tool in creating a mindset that allows healing and life energy to flow in your life.

The below affirmation is a complimentary gift to you to assist you on your journey to wellness and fullest potential.


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One More Request

Ask yourself the question of “WHY DO I WANT THIS?”

If there is harm or emotional negativity in any part f this process then you will be inviting harm and negativity towards one self.

Hope for the best, expect the best, plan for varying scenarios that could cause challenge and continue to refine and polish who you are to bring about the greatest version of you possible!!


We all benefit from a coach, trainer, teacher or guide. Chances are you would benefit as well. Reach out and let me know how I may be able to ‘clear the path’ for you.

Best regards and blessings,

Dr Kevin

PS. Keep a look out for my next article on Afformations!