In a previous article about Affirmations, there’s details on how to provide language (aka reprogram)  the subconscious aspects of your mind.

You see our subconscious mind is offering thoughts during a given event that originate from your childhood, when you were taught what being human is like, to match the events you are currently experiencing.

But what happens if that subconscious language you were taught is negative, glass half empty, type of thinking and communicating?

Is it going to build you up or break you down?

Right, negativity typically breaks people down. So now, the next level to build your mind is Afformations.

Why am I……..?

Afformations are ‘Why’ questions to the self.

Why am I successful? Why am I beautiful, handsome, talented, successful, loving, patient, kind….? etc, etc.

The brain will put it’s resources into answering these questions!!

Combine affirmations, afformations and  discursive meditation together and you have a magical combo for upgrading your conscious and subconscious mind to assist you.

When the mind is balance, focused and certain, action follows and desired results begin to arrive.

Best Regards and Blessings,

Dr. Kevin