Your mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains it’s original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendall Holmes


So what are you choosing to fill your mind with?

NFL stats? Celebrity gossip? Talk shows and the latest on who got eliminated on which ever dance or sing show?

Are you caught up in negative thinking, emotional drama or blaming others for your circumstances?

Ask yourself the following, Is this information, this thinking, this feeling helping me attain what I truly desire for myself and my family?

The Feeling

Ask yourself that question and then sit with the feeling of what you are doing. Pause for a moment and check in with your body. What is the emotions, the sensations within myself?

What is the Feeling?

Do you feel firey, cold, soft, sweet, tense, wobbly, compressive, expansive? There are a thousands of descriptive words… but find out how you feel.

What is The Aim?

What one desires is a light, warm, expansive feeling.

This is the indicator that you have identified the correct line of thinking for love, for positivity, for enjoyment and peace in life.

The secret is identifying your feeling and then tuning your thoughts to bring about the ideal feeling.

The Result

This may not be for everyone, but if one is desiring personal change in life, or to stop negative circumstances from coming about, then this thinking and feeling strategy is a core technique to bring about higher awareness and consciousness for your life and the ones you are around.

The result is greater positivity in life, greater “circumstances” that are helpful and moving one towards desires and goals in life. The results are exactly what has been created in my mind. Although things come about different then what may be expected, always perfect to get me on the right path or to let me know I’m already there.

I trust this message was exactly what you needed.

For additional information on creating your vision, ask me about the Picture Frame Principle!!

Best Regards and Blessings,

Dr Kevin