Spirituality is not something we “get” just because. It is something that we earn through our own growth and challenges. We must be willing to work for our spirituality, and most importantly to understand that the person next to us is just as important as we are.

We are all sparks of the same Light and we have all come for the same collective purpose–to remove chaos from the world, through the transformation of our personal negativity into Light.

What are you doing for yourself in order to strengthen your connection? Regardless of the name you have chosen to be comfortable with Source, God, Spirit, Divine, Pure Consciousness, how are you connecting?

Contained in this blog are writings, videos, perspectives, instructions and 20 years of effort in education, philosophy and personal study to bring you the truth of our nature and purpose of why we are here, from my point of view.

Blessings in the Journey!

Dr Kevin

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