When someone is there self, being authentic, it’s refreshing. There’s a quality of confidence, certainty, fun, warmth, lightness all around an individual such as this.

Honesty is a Quality of the Light.

When someone talks about the “light” what they mean , knowingly or not, is that they are referring to the principles, aspects and laws of life that express goodness, rightness,kindness, compassion, you know … the qualities of life.

(oppositely we have darkness, heaviness, taking advantage of others, anger, jealousy, the qualities of death) (both are necessary for existence, but provide the “user” of light or dark with varying experiences of life.)

Your Choice

If we want to be the Light in a relationship, we need to be ourselves. I’m not saying concealment isn’t appropriate at times, but hiding things out of fear and insecurity is not really a good idea.

Of course, honesty requires courage. When we hesitate to tell the truth, it is often because we are afraid of the consequences. And sometimes we may be afraid for good reasons! But even if the initial reaction to our honesty is messy, it is sometimes better to let the chips fall where they may. That way we allow room for something more solid and authentic to take hold.

When everyone concerned is aware of the truth, the answer more readily show up and often times, something much better than you expected comes along.

Be thankful for you, I am!

Blessings and Best Regards,

Dr Kevin