I have a personal quest to find products that help me be my best. They serve the requirement of assisting the body in optimizing function.

Though many use supplements as natural drugs in times of crisis, when supplementing appropriately, finding and identifying the right nutrient or combination of nutrients can enhance ones life tremendously!!!


Nootrope is the base word for Nootropics, a Greek word meaning ‘Towards the Mind’.

These are compounds that are both neurologically active and directly or indirectly enhances cognitive potential via neurological communication pathways** and have demonstrated many results including increased capabilities, state of well being, or learning potential.

Take a look below, I simply wanted to introduce you to the topic of Nootropics, but I’m guessing you’ve heard of a few of them before.

Now, the list is long, so peruse and see what is familiar.

The Trap

be mindful to avoid the trap of supplementing each symptom with one nutrient. Aspects and depth of knowledge of this category of  supplementation is still young in the world of science.

I recommend checking out a technique called Functional Bio-analysis. I’ve been practicing it for about 4 years now, we can identify which supplement will help your brain the best!!!

Best Regards,

Dr Kevin

List of Nootropic Supplements

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