There is a rhythm to life and we experience this each and every day with our daily lives. Yet, there is a deeper, broader, more encompassing rhythm to life that I am referring to in this instance.

Just like the clock with 3 hands:
The second hand passes by the number 12 once per minute
The minute hand passes once per hour
The hour hand passes by twice per day

Additional Hands

Imagine there were additional hands on the clock.

One that went by the 12 once every week, and another once per month and another once per year and another once per decade and on and on and on.

There would be many hands on that clock. You may be asking, What’s the purpose?

We would be able to see what “time” it is in a much broader context.

We would be able to see the big life patterns.

There is always a pattern, the challenges is first seeing it, the second is understanding it and the third is to then leverage the pattern.

This is life and the universal clock is showing us that we are in big time transformation.

What is Important with this Information?

The importance is that you are the main character and you are at the center of it all. We all have our part to play and we are all shifting.

You can not control the rhythm of this clock nor anything outside of you. This clock does not relate to time as you and I know it, it relates to life circumstances, patterns of social construction, patterns of events, emotions, beliefs and states of being. It is literally virtual reality, but not the computerized synthetic kind.

A reality called Life.

The only thing you can focus on is the targets that you set in life ( you visions, desires and expectations) and your attitude and behavior in the present moment.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Time and time again the real healing that takes place in my office is with the thoughts, memories and emotions surrounding the given issue. (The pain, symptom or desire to improve for which someone entered my practice)

When the mental, emotional and consciousness patterns of an event shift and change, the physical body changes and often the symptoms disappear and sometimes are gone forever, from that moment onward.


Literally today, as I write this, I saw a patient that is suffering from neck and shoulder and right sided arm issues.

These are the areas on the body that metaphorically and energetically associate with communication, responsibility and action decided on.

This patient past is full of issues and stresses surrounding family responsibilities, family communication and actions and non actions taken during the origin event of injury ( At 7 years old, at 15 years old and now)

Literally life has come about full circle and she is finally processing and letting go. Why now you ask.


What Does One DO?

Sometime we are required to go with the flow and sometimes we need to paddle. This is a time where is is needing to go with the flow and let go.

Otherwise she will sink in complete and utter fatigue and overwhelm.

So What tools did I demonstrate to do in times of emergency? (See below for one example)

There is always hope and there is always purpose for the experience. Set you intention to see the goodness, to see how it is making you stronger, to see how it is helping you help others in the future. I know you will be able to do it, you simple must take the responsibility for you.

Honor you.

Invest in you.

Care for you.

Even if you have yet to do it for yourself. There is always today.

Blessings and best regards.

Dr Kevin