When you find yourself wanting to prove a point, let go. Find ways to be present with friends, colleagues, or loved ones. Practice kindness and extend human dignity wherever possible. Open your heart and do something fun with those who are closest to you. Embrace your uniqueness, while feeling your connectedness to the whole of the Life-force Energy that sustains this world.

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself and your inner child. You are work in progress and a child of God who loves you. Healing comes from positively acknowledging what we need to change, not from beating ourselves up.

~Karen Berg

This passage describes a part of your inner child.

What is the inner child. It is a part of the subconscious. You see every expereince, feeling, perception that we have throughout our entire life is stored in our brain, body and mind.

These expereinces then play themselves out like a computer app that is selected to opperate.

When you have an expereince, challenge or obsticle in life all the potential past expereinces come srushing into our existance and we re-spond or re-act to the situation at hand.

This is why at pone point in the day you are doing great then the next, somethign occurs and you feel all twisted up and emotional.

Those emotions are a tell tale sign that you are playing out a program from your subconscious and that it needs to be addressed if you desire to move forward in life.

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