“As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth.”

This is a promise I made to myself at 19 years of age. The path it has led me on has been beautiful, ugly, disastrous and wonderful, but what I have realized is that I am on the ever-progressing positive realization and experience of my life.

Following this instinct, to seek truth, has led me to find my passions in life, define new goals, eliminate fear and bring on such wonderfully blissful moments that happen more and more frequently.

You see, what happens, even though there are tough times, they happen less and less and are overcome more easily and effortlessly.

I Wish the Same For You.

Below is a statement I read this morning, perfect timing (co-incidence) as usual! Enjoy the read, make a comment and share this post with others on the journey. (pssssst… that’s everyone you know…lol)

Even when the sky appears at its darkest, know that the sun shines upon you, that love surrounds you, and that the pure Light within you will guide your way home. So trust the process of your life unfolding, and know with certainty, through the peaks and valleys of your journey, that your soul rests safe and secure in the arms of Spir…it. So be guided, as many have been guided, and know the peace of love

If you’re a bit uncertain about the word “Light” check out this post from a few days ago.

Have a wonderful day,


Dr Kevin