I used to find myself saying, as I’m sure you have, ” How hard can something be?” Angry, frustrated and short tempered. I ended up just doing it myself.

Sometimes I have been in complete disbelief of why this person standing across from me, can not understand me. Many angry arguments begin this way. But everything changed.

What Happens When You Change Your Perspective?

Watch this brief video about perspectives, asking questions and LISTENING and you will find out what happen after I realized these ideas.

These topics presented below I first heard from Steven Covey, this is the best 6 min I’ve spent recently in which I have spent years cultivating. Look for Habit #5 as it answers many questions.

I know you want these things in your life…I do and did, I can show you how to acquire the same skills that others have shown me. Contact me here for questions and here for appointments.


Dr. Kevin