This is a significant topic to discuss and I do not take it lightly. I am also open to comments, interpretations, and shifts in my awareness.

So Here’s How This Got Started

An organization I like, Mindvalley, puts out lots of personal growth and helpful cutting edge information. They posted this video interview of one of the Co-founders of Google X, Tom Chi, just a few days ago.

The title is “Does God Exist?” Perhaps the question of all questions….. so before the emotions set in, take a deep breath, watch the video, read my response comment to the video and then I encourage you to make your own comments below.

Let’s keep in mind the best way to accomplish anything is to be kind, respectful and considerate. Remember,

God’s is Love,

or if you prefer,

Love is the highest measurable vibration state of the emotional scale

Ok… some points and perspectives I agree with and some I definitely do not.

I did my best to keep it short so bear with me.

The following is my initial and reviewed response to the video you posted, “Does God Exist?” ( )

I appreciate the challenge and controversy you generated, there may have been a smoother format, perhaps unlikely do to the topic and perhaps intentional… all press is good press I suppose.

So here’s my thoughts regarding Mr. Chi’s interview

No evidence for re-incarnation?:

Wrong – flat out. Many children are recounting their previous lives and are well documented by Ian Stevenson: and some case studies:

What is God?:

Mr. Chi answer is both short sighted and limited that ignores the classic definition of what is God. Omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere). Forget the man in the sky, we are talking consciousness, and even the brightest of individuals of our time are struggling to truly define it.

His statement – “God does not need to exist in any plane of reality”. Wow, this is, in my perspective, a very egotistical statement. Yes Mr. Chi is intelligent, but what he is referring to is that he knows and understands all.

His quote and I will paraphrase his idea…. because mediation is conceptual than that can equate to the belief in the existence of God. Therefore what God is, in this statement, is simply conceptual which is better than faith and better than materialistic descriptions. In reality, holographic or not, we know there are levels of consciousness that are contained within larger levels of consciousness, in fact Mr. Chi goes on to explain this later on in the video, therefore contradicting himself.

Faith is a version of trust. In this case, trust that there is something beyond our comprehension that organized a reality, a perceived reality which we know is holographic in truth. (The challenge here is we will never have a complete knowing in this 3D reality of what God is) Faith is a reality and, if not, trusting oneself is not a reality either, the word faith has been bastardized and Mr. Chi fell into that trap.

Materialistic definition of God:

Well, simply put, anyone who limits themselves to a purely materialistic nature of what we consider to be reality is ignoring a significantly large portion of research and science. So in some sense I agree with Mr. Chi here.

In addition, the phrase “we are made in the images of God”, (which I am adding to this conversation) is highly important to consider. We, i.e. researchers, scientists, theologians, philosophers to name a few, are continuing to discover what we humans are, what we are made of, physically and non-physically, and what is commonly accepted and promoted is still significantly limited in the general population and in religion, government and education. This topic could be a multiple video blogs/post/interviews and deserves much more conversation.


One thing that I continually winched at is Mr. Chi’s use of the term science. My opinion of what he is meaning when he uses this term is a materialistic aspect of what people believe.

Frankly, he is promoting the misuse of the idea and application of what science and the processes of scientific inquiry are intended for. Although, not entire inaccurate, misuse and belief of what science is, is extremely prevalent in the mainstream public’s paradigm of life. This continued promotion of this lack of understanding is negatively affecting what the integerous use of the scientific method can provide the human race. What most people take as scientific fact, in many instances, is actually resulting in a dumbing down of our society

Societal consciousness:

I am in agreement, except for the Dust comment. Yes, the material aspect of who we are returns to dust. But what of the mind, the consciousness, the aspect of infinity that we all have, is this left to be viewed the same way as the so called “junk DNA”?

Complete the sentence: God is…..

We must be mindful of the egotistic opinion that we, mankind, know so much. How did the ancients, Mayan’s, Inca’s and aborigines’, for example, know about the movement and the patterns of the planets, stars and comets without being able to “see” visually these astrological features. In fact, only until recently has modern day humans been able to detect these things. These mystics, shaman and others have much more knowledge than most give credit.

The scientific dogma that most “educated” people hold extremely dear falls apart to appropriate scientific method questioning. (See my comment above about science and Mr. Chi’s use)(Also, ask Rupert Sheldrake about his opinion: ) and here’s a nice review of the book )

I am not in complete disagreement with what Mr. Chi talks about in this section, it’s just that he make many short sighted remarks that leave, based on what I read on the comments, a strong bitter taste in the mouth.

Additionally, he continues referring to feelings as if they were not real in our reality. They are exceptionally real and must be given more value and discussion. (Dr. Candice Pert and her book, Molecules of Emotion, as well as other research ) (Dr. Bruce Lipton, ) these individuals, perhaps unknowingly, are proving the existence of God higher consciousness, (refer to the classic definition of God), and we are much more than we are imagining)

Mr. Chi’s comment of “throwing darts in the dark” is a comment that is spitting in face of the ancients of old and very disrespectful. The lack of understanding that many of these understanding are verbally communicated through time and are analogies of reality so that one of a lower mental ability can begin to apply (which is what universal Law is). The sad part is these stories, which contain truth have been taken as literal fact and therefore dismissed as foolish beliefs.

Additionally, this comment of throwing darts in the dark is followed with “a better than you” smirk on his face, which is disheartening. Yes, an astrophysicist, but by his own description of how we are just discovering (which implies something new, which it is not) the understanding of the interconnected nature of the universe really is short sighted and demonstrates the ego nature of the comment. Again, there are a significant number of subjective accounts of visions, communications and received information describing the nature of reality beyond the current advancement in technology and even this is only within our documented recent history.

Traveling, learning and speaking with shaman healers, traditional healers, or other mystics of cultures as well as my through my own personal experiences there is wisdom and ability to journey into the infinite, the timeless, that is beyond our measurable 3D time bound knowing. This statement comes from someone who has been educated in a system that holds “science” and “double blind research “derived outcomes as the primary determining factor in identifying the interventions chose for delivering health care, which is and has been significantly detrimental to our society.

Your question about Dis-empowering beliefs:

The answer is simple ….it’s a stuck thought pattern, aka a mental Subluxation. If you desire, I will explain further on contact.

In his description of religion:

I like, although I may say religion is contained within spirituality, spirituality may be the car if using his analogy. That word, spirituality is often overused and misused. I have taken a concept from a mentor of mine. I am falling out of love with the idea of calling myself or any spiritual, to many connotations. I prefer Right-use-ness. (this is a topic I will link to soon)

I wholeheartedly agree with religion being the potential pernicious dangerous or elegant positive force in social technologies

Religious Law:

We need to be mindful of the interpretation of law within religion – there is also a universal law (similar to how I am describing spirituality as the car) Universal Laws, like cause and effect, is further interpreted by man to explain the intricacies of what happens and much is created by man as religious law. Though shall not kill, for example. There are man’s consequences and there are the universal consequences. Unfortunately, much of the Law that is created by man is used to control other men (like the 1%’s controlling the 99%… for example)

Other Quick Thoughts

  • Adultery is a big deal, beyond just separating/divorcing and moving away. There is a non-physical set of energy (Universal law) set into motion that results in destruction of some aspect of everyone’s internal existence and therefore external reality, in this life and the next. (see my re-incarnation response above)
  • Current system of Law, Governing, is limiting the universal law, limiting the expression of right-use-ness of what the expression of man is.
  • Religious war is the overactive male consciousness aspect in a society of domination and conquering (not man vs women) (male aspect of energy is something that a man or women can express).
  • Man’s law is the attempt to force others into understanding universal law. It is treating mankind as children; saying they don’t have the where-with- all to understand themselves. Which is taking away personal responsibility; there are other methods around the world that have different perspective and therefore different actions by the populations.
  • Mans attempt at religious law is also flawed… aka abstinence. There is good reason for that for that law beyond keeping the peace in a group of people, or keeping the religious integrity of a belief system … but some groups took it beyond balance. Resulting in destruction of that group.

In summary,

Recognition of the absolute intensity in which people hold this topic is a vital awareness that I believe you and your organization needed to have awareness. Having a single man’s opinion may have been a grievous error or exactly what was going to spark much other discussion. Personally, I value this conversation because it gave me a chance to reflect and comment. Regardless if my thoughts are heard by others, it raised the consciousness of the collective.

Perhaps a response video or response panel of individuals would be highly beneficial because of the intensity and significance of this topic, reducing fear, anger and anxiety while raising the knowledge and love quotient is vital to furthering our society and perhaps you are the outlet to provide it.

Thank you for your time and attention,


Dr. Kevin Gyurina, DC, CCWP, RM, BS