There you are, a guest in someones house, you’re in the bathroom and you happen to notice that the medicine cabinet is slightly open…

You take a look inside, just a little one, and it is full of pill bottles, various prescriptions and topical medicated creams. What’s your first thought?

“Wow this person is healthy!!”

This is never the response!!!

You see, we all know that medications and whatever pharmaceutical drugs do not equate greater health. So why do so many people take them?

In fact US citizens are spending more on health care, which technically should be called “Sick Care” than any other country in the world yet we are ranked 37th. (Here’s a list)

The function of medical system’s therapies, ie, drugs, is to separate you from feeling, sensing, experiencing and awareness of the messages and information your body is attempting to make you aware of.

Mot people have been taught to run away from painful experiences. In fact, that is a hardwired aspect of our brain function. Study the pain vs pleasure principle.  But that is based on our reptilian brain function and only further drives in negative patterns, beliefs, behaviors, viruses and bacteria.

My personal and professional experience to heal requires the opposite. Heightened awareness, improved expression and greater ability to sense what is going on.

Let’s be clear There are occasions where it is a requirement to save your life or to get past a horrible few moments. But beyond that, a majority, a vast majority of medications are simply to make money and keep the machine running.

How Did We Get Here?

Simple, an incomplete or faulty philosophy. Watch this video!!!

Feel free to watch more on James Chestnut, I linked to a series of videos. One hundred percent worth it.

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Dr. Kevin