What is Mater?

When you look up how to spell and define this word, there’s a little confusion, but Mater (with one T) is a whole other game.

Dura Mater

Dura Mater or dura, is a thick membrane that is the outermost of the three layers of the meninges that surround the brain and spinal cord.

At first thought of as simpley a protective covering….

Meninges are a three tissue membrane primarily known as coverings of the brain. More in depth studies on meningeal function and structure have recently changed the view of meninges as a merely protective membrane. Accurate evaluation of the anatomical distribution in the CNS reveals that meninges largely penetrate inside the neural tissue. Meninges enter the CNS by projecting between structures


Additionally, If your looking for some deep knowledge of brain and and nervous system anatomy and function check out the Pressurestat model of the craniosacral system developed in the 1970’s in Michigan State university.


What’s it All Mean?

This material, the menengies, connects and is interwoven into the deepest part of what makes up our body and brain. This matter can get stuck just like any other material that overlaps.

Regardless of any sort of cause of injury, it has big effects on everyone’s life.

So What Can One Do?

There are specialty chiropractors, craniosacral practitioners and other home based massage and stretch methods as well as other methods I may be unaware of that have an impact at varying degrees.

Some better than others of course.

What I know for sure is that I have many clients that have had successful improvements in their life and health when receiving care to these components of your body and nervous system.

I hope this article provides you a deeper respect for the amazing being you are.

Blessings and best regards,

Dr. Kevin