In a recently released article by it has been discovered, I mean realized, that the magnetic energy fields of the earth, which provides us the ability to live on this planet we call earth (also called Gaia) may be more than we have been taught to believe.

This goes to show to maintain an open mind, question the accepted theory of things and continue to search for truth of our reality. Otherwise, an unaware belief becomes so ingrained in the everyday experience that it blocks the positive transformation that one is desiring.

Here’s the video clip…. and while you are watching think about the following,

What has one accepted to be true of the human body, healing and positive transformation? How does a discovery such as this translate into the potential or understanding on an individual being level?

Here are some of my thoughts regarding how this may relate to the human being level (hint: at the bottom of the article are the images that I want you to see)


Dr. Kevin