Have you ever seen a video showing how you were born…. from conception to birth….  the period of 9 months you go through many amazing transformations and it’s just the beginning.

It is an Absolute Wonder

How do these cells know exactly what to do? How do they know where to go?What instructs each individual cell to form groups which in turn specialize to become the heart, lungs, skin and every other body part you could imagine?

How does the body, with no conscious mind as we know it, organize itself in such a manner that life; a living, breathing, thinking, observing  human being is the end result.

It is pure physical poetry… and I am in awe!

Watch this brief video that something we all have in common.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ItmwtLCDVY&w=560&h=315]


Now lets consider Genes and DNA. A great subject but often times misunderstood, or better stated, only partially understood.

A common myth is that genes and DNA are the controlling and only factor in determining who you are, what you like, and how you act.

Not Entirely True

While our genes and DNA do provide us with many characteristics that are hereditary, which can be categorized as positive and negative traits, such as in physical structure, appearance, and mental and physical ability as well as aspects of our biological physiology, such as some health hereditary issues.

But far to many people blame the circumstances of there life based on their parents and their genes.

Because of this belief we have a whole wave of pharmaceutical backed interventions that are being ‘studied’ as to influence a gene to express itself. This technique is essentially mans attempt to outsmart nature.

Please, Don’t Believe Me… Watch this Instead

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjjvimJRevQ&w=560&h=315]

Nature has a Purpose

Adaptation to Survive and Thrive

Yes. All the illness, sickness, emotional difficulties, and other sufferings in the human physiology is actually the body responding perfectly.

This ability to respond is in direct correlation to what you think,  what you eat, how you move and more. If you have acquired a lot of “stress” in your life then your ability to respond is lower and there for your body is more often have feelings and experiences of sickness, etc etc.


You can read more about how your life is a mirror, or how your physiology, aka your body, is expressing (or feeling) symptoms in relation to your progressively acquired mental though patterns and physical body actions.

Getting back on track… Your Genes are not what control you.

Genes can turn on or turn off….. the can express a characteristic when they are stimulated to do so. The genes are receiving signals from the environment. The signals then trigger a response by the gene. Then an experience can be detected on the level of human observation.

Defining a Deeper Level

The term deeper doesn’t really feel right. But broader, more expansive a point of view that contains this theory of existence.  We may not be able to truly define all the levels yet, but we know that there is some sort of electromagnetic field involved in the formation of who we are.

There is also a electromagnetic field involved in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions and interactions.

If you have spent any time in any capacity understanding how one sees, feels, smells, tastes, or listens you learn that the only way in which anything is being observed is through frequency detection. A sine wave of energy being detected by energy sensors. These are called nerves within the human body. There are many types of nerves and all detect different variations of energy and their specific frequencies.

Anyway, the perception of all the levels of electromagnetic waves may not be necessary for survival and in fact, in my personal experience some waves are undetectable until higher levels of consciousness are developed and awareness of the self increases.

So to experience these aspects of human awareness potential, one must tune the body to greater states of health, happiness, and purpose… this becomes a story of thriving as a human being!!

Combining this with ancient understandings of the human condition, there have been theories and techniques produced and practiced around the globe for thousands of years. Now, scientists have taken these methods and been rigorously testing them, many of these scientists on their own time and budget, but none the less have discovered profound details about ourselves and begs us to redefine what makes us human.

Open your mind and expand…. just like we all know a 100 ton hunk of metal can fly through the air with people  and cargo inside… 200 years ago you would be called crazy and perhaps burned at the stake.

Upgraded and expanded your view of what makes one human




I highly recommend a book called The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. You will be provided a value recap that in my opinion, if you want to understand your self you will need a resource such as this.

Keep asking questions!!

Dr. Kevin

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