A key in my progression of personal growth has been the realization that as I heal, align and develop my physical body I have improved mental abilities as well as consciousness growth and connection to higher source.

If one strictly focus on what occurs when one exercises there are a myriad of physiologic benefits to positive body changes to mental and emotional improvements as well as benefits to immune system.

In the recent past I have not discussed much about this topic but I have been reinvigorated in regards to this topic and most recently because of my involvement in Above and Beyond Fitness’s #cancersucks mud run. I both assisted and participated in the event and was reminded of how I can be of even more service to those I am connected with.

If you are in the Southern New Jersey area, check out and come to a great workout and learn how to help your body adapt and heal after pushing your physical body to be better.

So how does exercise improve your ability to attain higher levels of awareness and consciousness?

Well start here with a quote and article from Psychology Today back in April 2014;

This week, two studies were released showing that physical activity done today can benefit cognitive function for decades down the road. Countless other studies have shown that regular physical activity and fine-tuned motor skills benefit cognitive function beginning in infancy and continuing through every stage of our lives.

When you are able to improve cognitive function and personal awareness, if you have an intention of improving consciousness connection to source or the divine, the path become more fluid, more easily able to use the abilities that we were provided with to realize your own potential.

Here is a link to an article I wrote pertaining to the event in the Berlin, NJ area: Getting Out for a Mudrun

On a final note, getting involved recently with Above and Beyond Fitness reminded me of the fun in life we can have, even on a giant adult size obstacle course!!

Have fun out there,

Dr. Kevin