Happy 4th of July – Independence Day!! Fun, joy, excitement, connection and peace to everyone reading this post today.

Very briefly, the idea of freedom struck me when I was sitting quietly this morning.

Simply put, Freedom, in some ways has been min-interrupted and therefore misused. Understanding to the significance of the words we choose to use, in my opinion, is one of the greatest endeavors one can consciously choose as a lifetime practice.

“In the beginning was the Word……”

A famous line you may have come across. But what is “the Word”?  Word is tone….. is non-physical thought vibration manifestation into a lower density to transform into a non-physical sound vibration. Check out more about the non-physical aspect of you!!


There are others that know more about the true history of our nation, be mindful what you have been taught to believe, but te idea of freedom any one can write on. So here are my two sense.

Freedom implies that one has taken care of one’s personal responsibilities in such a way that they are either competed or a situation is set up in such a way by said individual, that the responsibilities are covered. If not, then one is only running away and unable to return with freedom.

Freedom implies rightness of action and thinking towards self and others. For if one is other than that, others will restrict freedom.

Freedom implies openness of thought and goodness of feeling towards self and others, for if other than that, one is in a mental prison of thinking and emotions of others opinions.

Freedom implies laughter, love, sadness and anger. Yes, even anger, but requires awareness and understanding of the unfolding events. The expression, experience, and moving beyond emotion requires presence.

To be present, requires commitment to a process, requires action towards self improvement. Which leads us where we started…..

Personal Responsibility.

Follow you heart and allow your brain to figure it out. Take action with right-ness towards yourself, love ones and all mankind. Freedom comes when love, compassion and respect are at the foundation of every interaction in your daily life.