I read this today…..

…The idea of the “chosen people.” What he said is that those of us with a spiritual consciousness, those of us who are able to look at each day for the energy and opportunity for growth that lies within it, are “chosen” to bring Light to the world, to be vehicles of kindness, acceptance, and human dignity.

To use the phrase “chosen people” means that we’re chosen for a job, and this job is to be the kind of person about whom others say, “You know, that person doesn’t have a lot, but whatever they’ve got, they’ve tried to use to bring peace to others.”

This is what we were chosen for. And if we do not take this road, if we turn our backs on the spiritual tasks we have been given, who, then, will do them for us?

In my opinion what this author is attempting to let us know is that it is our personal “CHOICE” to view and experience the world in a positive, kind, compassionate manner.

Keep in mind there is strategy, education and timing, please be aware that there are challenges and obstacles in which one will be require to stand his/her ground. But one can accomplish this with grace and tastefulness.

We have all been Chosen

If an idea keeps popping up in your head, that emotional pull to do something… these are indicators from your instincts that are directing you towards action, towards your purpose… if you chose to listen and take action.

Now What?

When you become aware of yourself looking at the proverbial glass half empty, ask yourself, why is it half full?

In other words, ask your self to look for the good in a situation. By Universal law it’s their…. just waiting to be observed!!!

Best Regards,

Dr Kevin