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Each time we do a positive action, the energy of that action changes our very nature. This means that each time we extend ourselves to do something that is contrary to our negative nature (our Ego), we create another positive spark inside us.

If one is seeking greater peace, love, joy, balance, faith, safety, courage, certainty or any number of other positive life affirming experiences then performing a positive action is surely a right way of going about it.

What Actions?

What questions need to be asked to identify which action is best to take?

Check out Discursive Meditation.

Learning a deeper way to consider the Questions, but I included my interpretation of the 3 steps in the process described in the article.

Lectio: form of meditation known as Lectio Divina included the elements of reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation

Meditatio: Consider the questions: Why, Who, What, Where, When, How, & With what helps?

Oratio: End your meditation with suitable prayers for insight and expressions of repentance. Converse with God about an appropriate concrete action step.

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